How To See Facebook Marketplace Messages?

Facebook marketplace is a great place to buy and sell products, even if you’re a total amateur. But how to interact with potential buyers or sellers after responding to their ad? Because the chats from the marketplace won’t show up in your direct messages. Let us show you how to see chats from the Facebook marketplace; so you don’t miss any opportunities. This article will guide you on How To See Facebook Marketplace Messages.

If you’ve been wondering- How To See Facebook Marketplace Messages? Then this post is for you. Read on to see easy steps to See Facebook Marketplace Messages using any device.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to View Messages from Facebook Marketplace from Android?

Facebook marketplace lets you buy and sell products and thrifted goods close to your location. If you’re looking to sell something, after putting up the post; comes communicating with potential buyers. But the issue is that marketplace chats don’t show up in your direct inbox. If you’re new to it, follow the steps below to check your messages from the marketplace.

  • Step 1: Log into the Facebook app from your Android.
Log into the Facebook app from your Android
  • Step 2: Check the top bar for the marketplace’s icon; it looks like the store’s front. If it’s been moved from there, click the three horizontal bars on the top right of your Facebook homepage. 
click the three horizontal bars on the top right of your Facebook homepage
  • Step 3: Scroll and look for the marketplace icon from the features; it’ll be labeled as such. Tap on it when you find it.
Scroll and look for the marketplace icon from the features
  • Step 4: Once the feed for the marketplace has been opened, look on the top right again. Just beside the search tool, you’ll be able to see the profile icon. Press that to get redirected to your marketplace profile.
you’ll be able to see the profile icon
  • Step 5: Click “Inbox” to access the chats from your marketplace.
Click Inbox to access the chats from your marketplace

And you’re okay! It’s that easy. In the marketplace’s inbox, you can see the texts from people who’re interested in buying your listings. Or the follow-up from the seller; from whom you want to buy. Facebook’s advanced features also alert you when you get paid by the buyer, or have pending payments, whether your item has been shipped, also when the whole shipping-transaction process has been completed.

Viewing Facebook Marketplace’s Messages from a PC

  • Step 1: Sign in to your Facebook account from the web browser.
  • Step 2: Select the Marketplace icon from the sidebar. Depending on the browser you use, the option can also be found on the top bar in some of them. 
Select the Marketplace icon from the sidebar
  • Step 3: The homepage for the marketplace will open. On the sidebar from the left, you’ll find the “Inbox” option. Hit that, and you can see all the conversations that took place between you and any buyer or seller.
How To See Facebook Marketplace Messages

How to add listings in Facebook Marketplace

The basic steps to add a listing in the marketplace to sell something are basic. Follow till the second step of the previous segment to get to the homepage of the marketplace. Then stick to the steps described below,

  • Step 3: Select “Create new listing” to add products to the marketplace for selling.
Select Create new listing to add products to the marketplace for selling.
  • Step 4: You’ll be asked to choose a category for the products you wish to post. Select “Home for sale” if it’s real estate property or vehicle if it’s one. Otherwise, go for “Item for sale.”
Select Home for sale” if it’s real estate property or vehicle if it’s one
  • Step 5: Then you’ll be taken to the next page where you can add photos for the product, you can also edit the category, condition, price, etc., and as you enter this information, you can see from the preview in the right how it would look to the buyers. 
How To See Facebook Marketplace Messages

If you’re selling several items in one post, you should list them as “in stock;” and “single item” if it’s not. Then fill out the following boxes as instructed and hit “Next.” If the button is still grey, it means any compulsory box has been missed. 

How To See Facebook Marketplace Messages
  • Step 6: Upload the listing by clicking “Publish.” You can choose to upload it in the public marketplace or in groups. 
How To See Facebook Marketplace Messages

Now interact with the sellers who hit you up to inquire about the product. And if you’re hesitant to post in the marketplace, fearing exposure to friends, you can choose to hide them too. Neat, right? Finally, in case of meeting buyers, only choose the ones with genuine photos of them in their profile picture, and if it still doesn’t convince you, ask for pictures of any verified ID or driver’s license first. 

FAQs On Facebook Marketplace

 Why was my product listing not approved?

 The marketplace has several regulations. Such as, if the item you’re putting up for sale is a service and not a product, an animal, mismatched with the photo, healthcare, etc., then your listing will not be approved. Selling in such a way goes against the rules of Facebook. You can see which rule your listing went against with the decline notification.

Can I delete my product listing?

 Yes. Go to “Marketplace,” then click on “Selling.” You’ll be able to view the listings up there, with three dots on top of those. Click the three dots of the listing you want to delete, choose “Delete,” confirm the action, and it’s done.

Can I list my product as sold?

Of course, products are marked as sold to avoid confusion and let others know that this item isn’t available anymore. Go to your marketplace profile; at the end of the page, you can see “Mark as sold,” select the item(s) you’d like to mark. Everyone who DM-ed you about the product in the marketplace chat will be automatically notified that the product has been sold, and the buyer will be given the option to rate you.

Who can see my seller rating?

 The ratings the buyer leaves for you are not made public; however, those ratings help Facebook define you as a seller and are used as such. You can also receive a rating as a buyer. To view your rating as a seller, you’d have to rate the buyer first or wait a 14-days safe period.

Concluding Remarks

Facebook’s marketplace is extremely popular for buying thrifted goods or selling products without any commission fees. Communicating is an important step, which we want to help you with.

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