How To See Incognito History On iPhone?

Wondering how to see incognito history on iPhone? Are you afraid that your partner might be cheating on you behind your back? You might have been searching how to see incognito history on iPhone in Google, isn’t it?

No doubt, there are many reasons why people want to know how to see incognito history on iPhones. Many people have a sneaking suspicion their spouse or partner is cheating on them. Thankfully you can check just to be sure without being too invasive.

Learn here in this article about how to see Incognito history on iPhone. Such relief!

So, let’s dig into this article to find out the secret recipe for exploring the incognito history of the iPhone.

You may also learn how to look up Siri history on your iPhone.

What Is Incognito Mode?

Incognito mode is a secret mode in every browser on PC or smartphones, allowing you to browse the internet without any clue about your activity.

You can watch movies or use social media platforms; your activities will not be saved on the browser. All the web cache and history will automatically turn off when you use this mode on your browser.

There are some of the cons of this browser mode which are given as follows:

  1. Not complete privacy is being provided
  2. You always need to start this mode manually
  3. All third-party apps can track your data
  4. A ton of ads always display on this mode
  5. You cannot hide the tabs in this mode

Some cons are not mentioned to disagree with this mode but to inform you about the privacy you can get from this mode. 

Most couples always try to find the search history of their partners on their internet browsers when they have trust issues. 

On iPhone, the Safari browser doesn’t show the option like other browsers of the history, but it saves all the activity in the background.

Now you will discover where you can get all your partner’s activities in incognito mode on your iPhone. So, let’s jump into the step-by-step guide where you can see history yourself.

Steps To See Incognito History on iPhone.

The simplest and quickest steps will lead you to discover incognito history on your iPhone. So follow the steps below:

  1. Open Your iPhone Settings
Open Your iPhone Settings

Unlock your iPhone and find the settings. Open your iPhone settings by tapping on the setting icon on the main menu.

  1. Locate Safari And Open It
Locate Safari And Open It

In the main settings menu, you need to locate the Safari browser settings either manually or by searching from the search bar at the top of the settings. Once you open the browser, tap on the Safari browser option and open it.

  1. Scroll Down To Find The Advanced option
Scroll Down To Find The Advanced option

In Safari browser settings, you will find the multiple options associated with general and search settings. It would help if you found the advanced settings option, which might be given below, so you need to scroll down at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Open Advanced Option
Open Advanced Option

Once you open the advanced option at the bottom of all the Safari browser options, you must tap on it to find the required option.

  1. Open Website Data Option
Open Website Data Option

In advanced settings of Safari, you may find multiple features that can only find in these settings, not on the browser. Now select the website data option by tapping on it.

  1. See All Your iPhone Incognito And Normal Mode History.
See All Your iPhone Incognito And Normal Mode History

In the website data option, you will find all your activities either done by simple browsing or in incognito mode. You will find all the incognito mode history in these settings options. 

You can also clear all your browsing history here in these settings if you want to avoid being caught by your partner.


How Do I Check iPhone Incognito Search History?

You can check the iPhone incognito history on your partner’s phone by following the steps below:
1. Unlock the iPhone
2. Open iPhone settings
3. Locate the Safari browser settings
4. Find the advanced option 
5. Tap on website data, and there you will find all the incognito search history

Can I See My iPhone Incognito Search history?

Yes, you can see your iPhone incognito search history. You just need to open the settings on your iPhone> Open Safari browser> Locate advanced settings> Open website data. You will find all incognito browsing activities here in this folder.

Does iPhone Save Incognito Search History 2022?

Yes, iPhone saves your incognito search history whether you use Google Chrome or Safari browser on it. You can see your Safari browser’s history in iPhone settings where the Safari website data is given.
On the other hand, when you use Google Chrome, your history can be seen in the accounts settings. You can find all your search history in the activity section under the privacy settings of Chrome.

Can your WIFI Router Retrieve Your Incognito Search History?

When you try to browse using incognito mode, you may think that your history cannot be saved, but you didn’t think about your Wi-Fi router. The admin who has access to your Wi-Fi router can retrieve all the search history logged by the router.

How Do I See Anyone’s Incognito Search History On My Phone?

You can see the other’s incognito search history on your phone by following these steps below:
1. Open the Google Chrome browser
2. Log in to the account of that person
3. Open the privacy settings
4. Choose the “my activity” option
5. Select the “manage all web and app history” option
6. There, you can see someone’s incognito search history

Can My Parents See What Am I Searching Using Incognito Mode?

Yes, parents can track all the web history and activities you do use incognito mode by various third-party apps. Most of those apps are paid, providing you with premium features and allowing your parents to look at all your website activities.


Historically, Safari was the private browsing browser for Mac computers and iPhones. This way, you could use the web without leaving tracks.

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