How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers On iPhone?

A busy or private person always tries to avoid unknown calls and make sure they don’t call them again by blocking them on iPhones. But what if someone has some critical thing to tell you, and you mistakenly blocked that person? This article includes a detailed guide on How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers On iPhone.

The iOS software doesn’t allow calls, SMS, and any notifications from the number you have blocked. And there is no other way to retrieve those calls. 

Now the question is how to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhones. The answer is there is no way to get any missed call data on your iPhone unless you unblock that number. 

But wait? What if that person has something important to tell you, and by not connecting the call, he might leave some voicemails for you? Can you get the voicemails from a blocked number on your iPhone, or it’s just a rumor like not receiving missed calls?

Let’s find out in this article how you can retrieve missed call data or any other information that someone is trying to send you on your iPhone. Let’s dig deeper inside the article to discover the secret behind your curiosity.

What Are Blocked And Unblocked Numbers?

The blocked numbers are those you might not want to contact, and restrict their actions on your cellular number through the blocking feature on your iPhone. 

The person who wants to contact you might be a scammer or stalker who somehow got your number and tried to access or harass you.

In those cases, you have a unique security feature of the iPhone which allows you to block anyone you don’t want to contact. 

How To View Missed Calls On iPhone From Blocked Numbers?

Sometimes you mistakenly block several known people because the number is not saved in your iPhone contacts. You can unblock that number by going into the phone app and finding that number in the blocked number list.

But very often, a person wants to contact you n case of an emergency, and your number is continuously engaged on their side. Then that person will try to send you a quick voicemail message and wants you to listen to it.

On the iOS system, when you block a number, you will only get voicemails from that number. If you want to see that number’s missed calls, you must first unblock that number, or else there is no other way than this.

Steps To View Missed Calls From Block Number On iPhone.

Follow each step given below to make sure you view the important message from the blocked number:

  • Block The Number From The Phone App
Block The Number From The Phone App

Open your phone app and locate the number you want to block to check the system response. Tap on the block this caller option given at the bottom of the list. If you have already secured a number, then follow the next step.

  • Open Phone App From Other iPhone
How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers On iPhone

Borrow someone’s iPhone whose number is blocked on your phone. Open the phone app on that iPhone.

  • Dial From The Blocked number
Dial From The Blocked number

Now enter your mobile number and dial it from the sim blocked on your iPhone. When it keeps engaged all the time, send a voicemail to that number.

  • Open Voice Mail
Open Voice Mail

Now open the phone app on your iPhone. Open the voicemail option and then scroll down to the bottom.

  • Open Blocked Messages
How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers On iPhone

At the bottom, you will see the blocked messages option. Tap on the blocked messages option quickly.

  • Check The Voicemails
How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers On iPhone

In the blocked messages option, you will find that voicemail was sent to you by a blocked number. 

That means you can only receive voicemails from a blocked number. You cannot receive any missed calls or messages from a blocked number unless you unblock them.

FAQs On Seeing Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers On iPhone

How Do I See Blocked Missed Calls on iPhone?

You can see the blocked missed calls on your iPhone by following the steps below:
1. Open your phone app on iPhone
2. Locate the blocked numbers option in settings
3. Unblock the desired number
4. Now you will receive the missed calls because this is the only way to solve this problem

How Do I Know If Someone Blocked My Number On iPhone?

You can quickly know that your number is blocked by the person you are trying to contact. You need to dial the number; if it immediately diverts to the voicemail, you should know that that person blocks your number.

Can I See If Someone Whom I Blocked Try To Text Me?

If you are an iPhone user and someone blocked you, your text will be shown as sen,t, but on the other side, your text will be received by that person. 
You will not receive any notifications either, but if you use an android smartphone, you might also get notices.

Can You Retrieve The Text Messages That A blocked Number Sent You?

You can retrieve the text messages that some blocked number sent you by unblocking that number. Then you need to open the phone app and scroll down to the bottom to open blocked messages, and there will be all the messages you will receive.

How Do I See The Call Log Of Blocked Numbers?

You can see the call log from all the blocked numbers if you use a third-party app that shows the notification. 
Due to blockage, that person will try to send you the voicemail, and your app will get notified and show you about that activity on your smartphone.


In this article, you may find a reasonable solution to view the activity from a blocked number on iPhone. You can use the above explanation on your iPhone and can get voicemails. You must unblock that number if you want to see missed calls.

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