How To See My Facebook Password On Iphone?

Are you a Facebook user and often think, “How to see my Facebook password on iphone?” Are you afraid you might forget your Facebook password, which is why you want to see it? Being an iPhone user, you have no idea how to see your Facebook password. If yes, then cheer up because this article has brought all solutions to your problems. 

Stay with us and get all your answers. 

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 Steps To See My Facebook Password On iPhone.

If you are among those who stay busy the whole week and check their social media accounts only on the weekends, then it is not your fault if you forget passwords. If you use Facebook occasionally, you may forget your login credentials, such as your Password. To prevent this mishap from happening, we have a simple solution for you. 

If you are still logged in to your Facebook account, you can see your Password and copy it somewhere safe to remember. The simple way to see your Facebook password on an iPhone is in the steps below. Read them one by one and follow the instructions accordingly. 

 Step 1- Open Settings

To start off with anything in this process, you need to unlock your iPhone and open the settings app. This is the first step to seeing your Facebook password on an iPhone. You can search for the settings app from your home screen as well. 

You can search for the settings app from your home screen as well

 Step 2- Tap on “Passwords”

If you have saved the passwords on your iPhone, your iPhone has made a list of all the passwords you have saved. In the settings menu, you will see a list of different options such as App store, wallet and Apple pay, passwords, mail, contacts, and so on. Tap on the option of passwords to access all the passwords saved on your iPhone device.  

If you have saved the passwords on your iPhone,

As soon as you have hit the option of Password on, a pop-up will appear as you to type your passcode or Touch ID to see your Facebook password. You need to enter your six digits passcode here to unlock. If you do not want to enter your passcode, touch your thumb as your touch ID to open it. 

 Step 3- Select “”

The apps are arranged in alphabetical order in the passwords section. You will see the option of “” in the “F” alphabet section. Tap on “” to open your Facebook account to see your Password. 

You will see the option of "" in the "F" alphabet section.

 Step 4- see your Password.

Now that you have tapped on, you can see your username along with your Password in their respective bars. Copy the Password by pressing long on your Facebook password and then tap on “copy.” You can save this Password in the notes app on your iPhone so that if you ever forget it, you have an alternative way to approach your Facebook password. 

 see your Password.

This will take around 4-6 minutes, and you will get to see your Facebook password without breaking or changing it. So what are you waiting for? Go and see your Facebook password right now. If you can not log in to your Facebook account, you can change the Password from Facebook settings.


How can I see my Facebook passwords?

If you have forgotten your Facebook password, go to the login page Facebook and tap “Forgot password.” Type the email address you provided for your Facebook account, or you can use your mobile number as an alternative. Type your full name in the bar and search for your account. Follow the instructions given to you.

Where are all the passwords stored in your iPhone?

You can find a whole menu for all your saved passwords on your iPhone. You can find this menu in the settings app, then the passwords section on iPhone.

Can Facebook send me my Password?

It is impossible if you want Facebook to send you a copy of the Password you made for Facebook. Facebook only sends you a copy of your Password if resetting it. 

Is there a password manager on iPhone?

You can manage and update your secured information and Password on your iPhone with the help of “iCloud Keychain.” This feature will not only saves and manages your passwords but also helps you to remember them. iCloud Keychain auto-fills your login information, such as your username or Password for any app. It also retains the Wi-Fi password that is set on your device. 

Why is Facebook not sending me a code to reset my Password?

You may face this glitch due to an insecure connection to the internet. Moreover, check your junk or spam files on your email account. Make sure that you have provided the correct email address that is associated with your Facebook account.

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