How To See Old Notifications On iPhone?

Sometimes you want to see the old notifications on your iPhone and refresh all the old memories. Have you been missing your notifications due to your demanding schedule? Do you want to catch up with all your missed notifications? Do you want to know How to see old notifications on your iPhone? 

If yes, then hold up a little tight with us and learn to check old notifications on your iPhone. This article will assist you and make you learn how to see old notifications on an iPhone. Now you do not have to worry about the notifications you have missed in the past. Follow the quick and easy steps to see your old notifications. 

How To See Old Notifications On iPhone?

If you have been busy for some time and could not catch up with your notifications lately, then do not get worried because we have got your back. Do you want to catch up with everything you missed on your iPhone while busy? If yes, a tour of your iPhone device’s notification is mandatory. 

The iPhone users will understand that iOS contains a more friendly menu to access than other phones. 

It makes no difference whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked; you can always access your apps from within the iPhone. That is why viewing notifications you have missed over time is simple and quick. To learn about and manage your iPhone’s old notifications, follow these steps. You can also learn how to see deleted notifications on iPhone.

Step 1- Wake Up your iPhone.

All iPhone users know how to wake their iPhone up in a second. Wake up an iPhone by picking it up. Another option is to press the home screen button on the iPhone’s bottom. This screen button is present in all the pre-iPhone X models. On the other hand, if you tap the screen, it will wake up. 

iphone lock screen

Step 2- From the Lock screen

Every iPhone users know that they can use their iPhones without unlocking their screens. You do not need to unlock your iPhone if you want to see the notifications that are missed. If you have not unlocked your lock screen, then swipe up from the middle to see your notification from the lock screen. The list of all the notifications you have missed will be shown on the screen.

iPhone  Lock screen

Step 3- From Unlocked Phone

If you have unlocked your iPhone already, you can swipe down the screen from top to bottom to see all the old notifications you missed. No matter how long you have been missing your Notifications, you will see all of them in chronological order from top to bottom. The notifications will be from different apps, emails, and other pages. You can read all these notifications and catch up with everything. 

iPhone notification center

How To Clear Old Notifications In Your iPhone?

Now that you have read all the notifications and caught up with everything that you have been missing for a long time because of your demanding schedule, you may want to clear them. It is easy to clear the old or new notifications on your iPhone. All you need to do is to follow the simple and easy steps. You need to repeat the previous steps that you used to see the old notifications on your iPhone. Here we tell you how. 

Step 1- See Notifications

When you swipe down the screen to see the old notifications on your iPhone, the X icon in a circle is located above all the notifications. Press that cross icon. 

Clear All Notifications

Step 2- Clear all Notifications

You will see a “Clear All Notifications” pop-up on your screen. Tap on this pop-up if you want to clear all of your previous notifications.

How To Clear Individual Notifications On Your iPhone?

If you do not want to clear all the notifications from your iPhone and want to keep some specific notifications, then we have a solution for you. Take a look at the steps mentioned below to learn to delete notifications individually from your iPhone. 

Step 1- Scroll Down The Notifications.

No matter if your phone is unlocked or locked, you can always see your Notifications from above. You can swipe down the screen to display notifications.

Scroll Down The Notifications

Step 2- Swipe left on Notifications.

Now that all the notifications are on your display, swipe left on the selective notifications you want to delete. 

Swipe left on Notifications

Step 3- Delete Notifications

You will see three options when you swipe left on the notifications. These options are “Manage, View, or Clear.” If you want to delete the notifications, tap “Clear.”

delete iphone notification

Your notifications will be cleared in just one tap.


Can you manage your notifications from the lock screen on your iPhone?

Yes, iPhone has this feature that allows its users to manage anything from the lock screen. On an iPhone, you can manage your notification alerts from both locked and unlocked displays.

Is there any way to recover the past notifications on iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no way to recover the notifications that you have deleted or in the past in an iPhone. If you open, precisely, or delete any notification from your iPhone, you cannot see it again. 

Can you see the notifications history on iPhone?

Yes, your Notification history is preserved even after you dismiss a notification. When you swipe away a notification, it will go to the notification history tab. You can find the notification in the history tab easily. 

Summing Up

Are you an iPhone user and want to know How to see old notifications on your iPhone? If yes, then we hope you have learned how to see the old notifications on the iPhone. You can always see the old notifications No matter what model of iPhone you are currently using.

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