How To See Preview Of Instagram Story?

Instagram has a preview tool that allows users to see how their story will look before sharing. The tool is helpful to the users since it enables individuals to check that their article appears how they want it to before posting. The preview tool lets you see how lengthy their tale will be, which helps decide what material to add. So, how to see a preview of the Instagram story?

You may also learn how to have videos play on your Instagram story to make your story more attractive.

Well, you don’t have to use any unique tactics to read the story previews, it is worthwhile to attempt the steps that follow: 

Step By Step Guide Preview Of Instagram Story By Activating Airplane Mode

Airplane mode has proved to be the best method to circumvent this platform’s registration procedures, similar to what is in Snapchat. Suppose you enable airplane mode at the precise moment. In that case, you will block the system from learning about it and ensuring that the logging of your visit happens.

Here are the steps to activating airplane mode:

Launch Instagram and wait for the Stories section to open in the upper bar of the screen.

instagram feed

Once the content you wish to “gossip” is loaded, engage the airplane mode on your phone, thus barring all Internet access.

turn on flight mode
How To See Preview Of Instagram Story?

Now you can take advantage of the possibility to preview Instagram stories privately.

How To See Preview Of Instagram Story Using Hiddengram

We don’t have to use a smartphone to preview Instagram stories; you may also use any desktop browser that visits the Instagram site.

google chrome

Furthermore, you can preview privately and for free using the Hiddengram plugin, which is accessible for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and any other Chromium-based search engine.

hiddengram on chrome web store
add hiddengram to chrome

After installing the extension in your browser, go to the Instagram page and input your account information. Before accessing any history where you do not want to leave traces, you must enable incognito mode by clicking on the software icon.

After installation, the ‘Hiddengram‘ extension app icon should appear in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. If you can’t see the extension icon, tap on the ‘Extensions‘ button; then, from the drop-down list on the menu, locate ‘Hiddengram‘ and click on the ‘Pin‘ symbol to mark the extension.

chrome extension
How To See Preview Of Instagram Story?

After the installation, navigate to Next, use the search box at the top of the website to look for the person whose Instagram Story you want to watch. Or, tap on the individual’s name in your newsfeed to get to their profile.

Search individuals name in Instagram search box

Once you reach the desired person’s page, tap on their image to see their most recently posted tale. The colorful ring surrounding the profile image indicates that the holder has shared a story.

instagram profile

Scroll The Feeds Partially To See The Preview

It is a highly developed, workable system with correct and meticulous execution.  It essentially consists of merely partly unlocking the swiping feed. Here’s how to read the stories that have appeared on Instagram in preview fashion:

Verifying the narratives’ thumbnails is critical when previewing and ensuring that the views are not countable. On the main Instagram interface, they appear in the upper bar.

First, open the Instagram app on your iPhone, Android, or PC.

instagram logo

To access the feature, click the home button, and the users’ stories should display in the upper part of your screen.

User stories on Instagram

Immediately playback starts, put your finger on the right-hand side and flick your finger from right to left. If the swiping speed is 40% or 30%, the person you’re previewing will not be aware that their posting has been “surveilled.”

It is not a flawless technique, but it succeeds often. It also does not require downloading any other programs on your smartphone.

How To See Preview Of Instagram Story By Blockade Trick

It comprises of opening a user’s posts and instantly blocking them. Instagram will not be able to know that you have seen the history if you do this. After that, you must wait 24 hours before you may access the story afresh.

On the home page, click on your profile icon.

instagram menu

Tap on the Settings icon that appears on the drop-down menu.

instagram setting

On the left side of the screen, click on privacy, and a page will open.

Instagram privacy section
Instagram show activity status

The method works, but there is one drawback: if the user you barred knows you, they may find out what transpired.


How can you preview an Instagram story?

Instagram provides a preview option that lets users see how their story will appear before posting. The feature is beneficial to users since it helps them to ensure that their content appears how they want it to before submitting it. The preview feature lets you see your story’s length before determining what information to include.

What exactly is auto-posting?

The automatic process of adding fresh material to a social networking site is to auto-post. It is suitable for sharing blog entries, photos, articles, and other types of material. Autoposting systems often allow you to plan posts ahead of time and keep your social network accounts current with new content even while you’re busy.

How can I know who has viewed my Instagram story?

Open your post and swipe up to check who has viewed your story. The users who have viewed the photo or video will become visible. Scroll down to discover who saw your article on Facebook if you shared it there.

How can I view Instagram posts without opening them?

Locate the profile of the user whose story you prefer to play privately in your newsfeed, and tap on the following profile.  You may halt a story by pressing it. Afterward, scroll carefully and slowly in the narrative direction you wish to watch.

How can I see an article without letting the other person know?

Simply install the ‘Chrome IG Story’ Chrome Extension or the hiddengram plugin and begin seeing the stories without leaving a trace. After installation,  launch Instagram’s online version and sign in with your details. After that, you can start reading people’s Instagram Posts without their knowledge.


Instagram stories have evolved dramatically since their introduction. Instagram’s most recent innovation is the extra bar for viewing story previews. When appropriately utilized, Instagram Stories can be a potent tool. Furthermore, the accessible features give a blank slate for limitless innovation. Refer to the points here to know how to preview an Instagram story.

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