How To See Previous Usernames on Instagram?

Instagram allows its users to change their usernames whenever they like. Changing a username is not an offense, but sometimes it looks suspicious when a person constantly changes their username, especially when dealing with a business account. Because nowadays, people can do business on Instagram, it is advisable to always check the legitimacy of a business before engaging. Checking previous usernames on Instagram can help you confirm if a business is legitimate. If you don’t know how to do that continue reading this guide to discover. This article will guide you on How To See Previous Usernames on Instagram.

Various Methods to See Previous Usernames on Instagram

You can use various methods to check previous usernames on Instagram, but it depends if you are checking your username history or someone else’s. The methods include the following.

Check Your Previous Usernames on Instagram from Settings

If it’s your previous usernames you want to see, you can check by following the steps below.

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Navigate to the Menu by tapping on your profile.
  3. Go to the Your Activity option and select it.
How To See Previous Usernames on Instagram
  1. Scroll through and select the Account history button.
Scroll through and select the Account history button
  1. All your changes will be displayed and arranged from the latest to the oldest, including your previous usernames on Instagram.
How To See Previous Usernames on Instagram

Check the Account History 

You can easily check the previous username of a person by navigating to the account section. However, you must note that this method works if you check a business account. If the other person does not have a business account, you may consider the other methods explained below to know their previous usernames.

  1. Click on the profile of the person you want to check.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top of the screen.
Click on the three dots on the top of the screen
  1. Select the About this account option from the listed options.
Select the About this account option from the listed options
  1. Navigate downwards and hit the Former Usernames side arrow.
How To See Previous Usernames on Instagram
  1. Users who have changed their usernames will have the usernames listed on the next page.
How To See Previous Usernames on Instagram

Check Screenshots

As indicated earlier, seeing someone’s previous usernames is impossible unless they use a professional account. If the other person uses the normal app, you can check your screenshots to see if you ever saved their usernames. This is a long shot that only works if you think you have ever captured their previous usernames.

Directly Ask or Check on Someone’s Phone

When dealing with a close friend or family member, the easiest way is to ask about their previous usernames directly. Moreover, suppose you can access someone’s phone. In that case, you can directly check the previous usernames by navigating to the Your Activity section using their phones and checking the username.

FAQs To See Previous Usernames on Instagram

Can I See Someone’s Previous Usernames on Instagram?

In the past, Instagram had a feature that displayed a person’s previous usernames. Currently, the feature is not there, but people can still check how many times a person has changed their Instagram usernames. To check the number of times a person has changed their usernames, you need to navigate their profile and go to the About This Account section. Once you click on the Former Usernames buttons, Instagram will display the number of times the person has changed their usernames.

Why Do People Change Their Usernames on Instagram?

Someone may change their username because of various reasons. If someone’s username is hard to remember, they may need to change their username to an easier one that they can remember easily. However, we cannot ignore that there are scammers on social media platforms, including Instagram. If someone is a scammer and wants to scam people without being spotted, they may change their usernames frequently.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s Previous Instagram Username?

Not all people always change their Instagram usernames. If someone has no previous usernames, they probably have a single username and have never changed it. Moreover, for security purposes, Instagram may prevent others from seeing other people’s previous usernames.

Can I See My Previous Username on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to know the previous username you used on the platform from the account settings. If you want to know your previous username, navigate to your account and go to the About this Account section. Scroll through the profile and check for the section with previous usernames. Instagram keeps such information, and if you wish to discover more information about your account, explore the About section of your account.

Why Am I Only Seeing the Number of Times a Username Has Changed on Instagram?

Previously, Instagram used to indicate all the previous usernames a person has used on Instagram. This information was indicated on the About section of some’s profiles. But, Instagram changed that feature and now tracks how many times a person has changed their username. Instagram changed this feature for security purposes.


As explained in this post, you can use various methods to check a person’s previous username on Instagram. If you recently joined Instagram and wish to conduct business on the platform, it would be better for you to ensure you don’t engage with scammers by checking previous usernames. So, read this post to discover the tricks you can use to discover someone’s previous username on Instagram!

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