How To See Recent Activity On Instagram?

To know someone and their social media activities, Instagram is the best platform to use. By judging their posts, you can check someone’s life status, priorities, and interests. This article includes a detailed guide on How To See Recent Activity On Instagram.

Sometimes you have an introductory post you see on your timeline and like but don’t know the creator’s name. Now you desperately want to tell someone you cared about that post.

The problem occurred when you didn’t follow that profile then, and now you are searching on the web about how you could retrieve that post. You find the only solution to this problem which could be your Instagram activity.

Now Instagram activity is quite challenging to find when you never view this feature. So don’t worry! In this article, you will learn how to view your activities on Instagram with a step-by-step guide.

So let’s dig deeper inside the article to find out the way to locate your Instagram activity.

What Is Recent Activity? How To See It On Instagram?

Instagram activity has multiple features, including all your posts, videos, comments, interactions with someone, and links you clicked with many more pieces of information.

According to recent updates on Instagram, you can now manage all your posts, comments, and every activity. If you want to edit or remove any comment you may not find in the post can be done in the recent activity section.

Sometimes you may not find the activity you need to locate immediately on your recent activity. That happens when your activities list is much longer than expected, and the required posts are way below the list.

In that case, some web tools o web that allows you to quickly find that specific activity data in one place. Tools like SnoopReport is one of the amazing ones that can track your activity by entering the required details.

Due to the positive feedback and more than 25k users, you can trust this tool in terms of its legitimacy. So if you are looking for a significant activity to gather in one place, this tool could be effortless.

If you are looking for a single activity to view on your Instagram and can’t find the way, follow the step-by-step guide below. The guide will tell you where exactly Instagram saves or stores all types of activities.

Steps To See Recent Activity On Instagram

Please make sure you follow each step below to locate your Instagram activities:

  • Open Instagram app
Open Instagram app

Locate the Instagram app on your smartphone on the main menu. Please tap on the app logo and open it.

  • Tap On Your Instagram Profile Picture
How To See Recent Activity On Instagram

Now you need to tap on the profile logo on your Instagram profile. You can find the profile logo on your main Instagram interface at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Tap On Three Lines Option
Tap On Three Lines Option

Now on your main profile, you must locate the three lines option at the screen’s top right corner. Tap on the button, and a list of options will appear.

  • Tap On Your Activity
Tap On Your Activity

Now, when you tap on three bar lines, the list will open, and you must select your activity option. That is given at the third number in the list.

  • Choose The Type Of Activity
Choose The Type Of Activity

Now in the list, you can find the activity of everything you have done on Instagram. You must select the required field, either comments, links, posts, or any interaction you want to review or edit.

  • Time Spent Section
How To See Recent Activity On Instagram

You can also view your time on Instagram while doing various activities and other kinds of stuff. It is an enhanced feature where you can set reminders and limits to using Instagram daily to avoid excess social media usage.

FAQs On Instagram Activity

How Do I See My Instagram Activity 2022?

 You must follow the steps below to view your Instagram activity 2022:
1. Open your Instagram app
2. Tap on your profile logo on the right side of the screen
3. Press the three lines button to open the options list at the top right corner
4. Choose your activity section
5. Now select the desired activity you want to see

Can You See Your Recent Activity On Instagram?

Yes, there is a feature recently introduced by Instagram in which you can view your recent activity. The part can be found in the main profile menu, where you must tap on the three lines option and select your action.

Does Instagram Allow You To View Others’ activities?

You can view others’ posts and comments on Instagram, where you can access the profiles. Otherwise, if a profile is private and you are not following it, you cannot view the activity regarding posts and comments.
Any other Instagram user cannot view other activities that only show to the user. There are privacy rules that protect individuals’ posts and activities that they do in private time.

Why is Instagram Now Showing My Activity?

Instagram recently introduced this feature, so if you can’t find this option in your app, then make sure to update your app to the recent version. 
Also, there might be a glitch or technical issue on your phone that some features might get stopped. So try to restart your phone and clear the cache memory from phone app settings, then open the activity section.

Does Instagram Save All Your Activity Sessions?

Yes, Instagram saves all your activities, including your reactions to posts, comments, videos you watch, interactions with people, and many more. If you want to see all your actions, you must go to the activity section on your main profile.


You may not see others’ activity on Instagram, but You can view yours by following the step-by-step guide above. The more you go inside, the more Instagram profile insights likely involve activity options.

So if you want to keep it simple, only open the desired option and see your favorite activity. If you have any exercise issues, you can follow our blog section to see what solution might exist. 

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