How To See Someone’s Activity On Instagram?

Instagram is a famous social media site that has taken the internet by storm, and people like to spend their time on this social media site. You can follow absolutely anyone on Instagram and know what is going on in their lives. Do you want to know How to see someone’s activity on Instagram? 

Are you curious to know what time someone uses Instagram? If yes, reading this article will assist you in seeing someone’s activity on Instagram. Let’s not make you wait more and get started already. 

You may also be interested in how to see someone’s recent followers on Instagram.

How To See Someone’s Activity On Instagram?

In the new update, the Instagram team has removed the “Following Activity” tab for its users. Nevertheless, you can still see the recent posts of people you follow and read the comment section on Instagram. 

Take a straight jump on the next part if you want to learn something that works. 

Step 1- Open Instagram

Tap on the Instagram app icon and open it. Log in to your Instagram account. 

How to see someone’s Activity on Instagram?

Step 2- Tap on the Search Icon

You can see a search icon at the bottom left side of your screen. Tap on it to go to the explore page.


Step 3- Select the Search Bar

Type the name of the user whose activities you want to see. Results will pop up on your screen; select the profile you want to visit.

Instagram Search Bar acoounts poop ups

Step 4- Inside the Profile

Now that you have slid into the profile, the user’s most recent activities will be at the top of his profile. 

For example, the first post or picture will be the most latest activity on Instagram. The older posts will be down at the bottom. For example, the last post or picture of the user will be his first ever Instagram post. 

Inside the instagram Profile

Step 5- Check the time of Recent Activity.

Click on any specific post to see the time of upload. The time or date will appear at the bottom of the picture or post.

If it is a few days old, you can see the number of days. Older posts look like the weeks, i.e., 34 weeks ago, 56 weeks ago, etc. 

Check the time of Recent Activity.

You can now check the activities of anyone on Instagram without any confusion. 

How To See Someone’s Active Status On Instagram?

If you want to see your active follower list on Instagram or when they last used their Instagram account, then we have a way. You need to have a conversation with the person if you want to see their activity status or the last time they were active. Here, we teach you the simplest and quickest way. Let’s dive into the next section. 

Step 1- Open Instagram

Open your Instagram account. 

 Open Instagram account

Step 2- Select the Direct Message Icon

Select the icon of Direct Message or DM from the top right side of the screen. Tap on this icon to get yourself inside your DM.

Select the Direct Message Icon

Step 3- Select Chat

You can see the list of chats and exchanged messages between you and your Instagram followers. Tap on the chats to see the activity of the specific person. If they are Active now, then a green dot appears on their profile icon.

Inactive profiles shows phrases “Active 2 hours ago” or “Active yesterday.”

Select Chat

Step 4- Start a Chat

This step is for those who had not chatted with that specific person but still want to know whether they are active or not or when they were last active on Instagram.

If they reply to you and you guys have a conversation, you can see their activity status from now on. 

Start a Chat


Can you see the recent activity of someone on Instagram without following them?

If the user whose activities you want to see on Instagram has set his account as public, you can see their activities without following them. This process does not apply if the user has a private Instagram account. You need to follow them first. 

How long are you shown active after logging out from Instagram?

It often happens when you log out or turn back from your Instagram account, people can see you are still active for a few minutes. It happens for 5-7 minutes after you bounce back from Instagram that you can be seen “Active now” by your DM friends. 

Winding Up

The small and intelligent steps are here for your assistance so that you can quickly learn How to see someone’s activity on Instagram. Hopefully, you have clarified your doubts reading this article, and now you are ready to see someone’s activities and active statuses on Instagram. Enjoy your Instagram surfing.

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