How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram?

Instagram is not just a charm for youngsters. It is a hub for influencers and marketers trying to scale and grow with their modern audience. It is captivating that Instagram can inspire many followers and get the potential customers you look forward to getting in touch with. So, it’s important to be able to see the exact number of followers on Instagram.

Besides, human beings are naturally curious about other person’s life. So, Instagram is one way to find many things, including new people and followers. 

So, when you are using it, you also need to check out the followers on your profile and maybe on other people’s profiles (just for fun). Or to know whether you or the other person is eligible to get paid by getting enough followers on Instagram or not! Let’s go through the steps below on How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram

User Friendly guide to Know your exact followers on Instagram?

Let us take you through all the steps to check the number of followers easily. 

Usually, if the followers are below 10K, you can see the exact number. However, the moment it starts increasing, you will see the K with every number, and you will not know the exact figure of the followers. That’s when the curiosity builds up, and you might want to see the number of followers through both PC and phone. So, here we are, ready to help you with the exact number.

#Method 1: How to Count Instagram Followers on the PC

Yes, people may not open their Instagram frequently through the PC or browser, but someone looking just through the profile might do it. So, get through the steps on How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram to find your profile’s exact number of followers. 

  1. Enter your profile URL in the browser

Launch the browser either on your phone or on the PC. After launching it, you will be redirected to the page of search. Now, Enter the URL of your profile. If you need to log in first, it will take you to the login page and enter your credentials to open your Instagram profile. 

chrome. How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram
Enter your Instagram profile url
  1. You will reach your profile

Once you enter the URL/credential on the login page, you can view the profile. Your name, posts, videos, descriptions, and everything are just right in front of your eyes. 

instagram profile. How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram
  1. Look for the number of followers

When you look close, you can find the number of your followers. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see the arrow pointing out the exact number of followers. 

instagram profile followers. How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram

#Method 2: Check Out Your Followers on Instagram on the Phone

We know you might not want to go through the hassle of opening Instagram on the browser or PC. No worries, you can also see the exact number of your followers on the phone. Follow the steps to know How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram.

  1. Launch the Instagram app

Navigate to your phone apps and launch the app of Instagram.

instagram icon
  1. Tap on the profile card

After launching the app, you will be able to see the home page of your profile. Below, you can see the profile card with your picture. Tap on the profile card to get to your profile. 

instagram feed
  1. Finally, the total number of followers are visible

As you move forward with the profile, you can see that it shows you the exact number of your followers. Note that if your followers are above the 10K, it will show it with K, and for the exact number, you need to open your profile on the browser. We will discuss the method later in this article. 

instagram profile. How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram

Find Out the Precise Number of Instagram Followers for Other People on PC?

Curiosity kicks in all the time. It happens when you crave to look at someone’s profile and want to know their Instagram followers. Well, we live in times when people are judged by their Instagram followers. Good or bad, that’s a debate for another time. 

Right now, you only need to follow the steps below to see the exact number of followers on someone else’s profile. 

Step 1: Start by logging in to an Instagram account

Go to the login page of Instagram and enter your login details, i.e., Email/username & Password. Click Login. 

instagram login

Step 2: Look for the search option

Click on search to type the name. For example, in the below-shown image, you can see that we searched for Elon Musk. 

How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram?

Step 3: Go to the profile of a relevant person

See the profile. You now have all the details right in front of you. The highlighted one shows you the number of followers. As you can see in the image, it shows 275K followers. 

But is it the exact number? Of course not. 

instagram profile. How to See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram

Step 4: Check the exact number of followers

Move your cursor to the number mentioned in the highlight just like an image. Below, you can see the numbers 275,249.

Congrats, you got it.

instagram profile followers

Now, Elon Musk here is just an example. You can type in the name of your friend or any other celebrity and check out the followers in an identical way. 

How to Find Number of Instagram Followers for Other People on the Phone?

Indeed, we need to go through the steps through the phone also. Yes, we get it; most people don’t like to open their PC or browser on a search engine. So, here we are: 

  1. Launch the Instagram application

You need to navigate to the app and tap on it to open it. Once you open it, your homepage shows your feed to you. 

Next, locate the search Icon and tap on it. Above the top of the app, you can see the search bar. 

instagram gallery
  1. Type a person’s name or username

If you know the username, type it, or you can type the name. For example, we adhere searched for Tom Cruise. You will see the list; now tap on the right profile. 

instagram search
  1. Check out the profile of a relevant person

Once you tap on the profile, you will reach the main view of the profile. Now, you can see the number we highlighted in the screenshot below. It is the number of followers. 

tom cruise insstagram profile

So, now you know all about how to see followers’ numbers. Whether it is your profile or someone else’s, you can always look for it. 

Use browser developer tools to See Instagram Followers

The usage of browser developer tools is another option. The following steps will use Chrome’s DevTools. However, other browsers and tools are also available:

  • Open Chrome and navigate to the Instagram profile page.
  • To display the DevTools panel, press F12.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctr+Shift+C to choose an element in DevTools by clicking the “select element” icon.
  • On the profile page, hover over the follower count (the actual number, not the phrase “followers”).
  • If you did it correctly, you ought to see something similar. The ACCESSIBILITY column (which I have highlighted in yellow) shows the precise number of followers:
developer tools on intagram page

However, this should be done if you need to look at the number of followers counting above 10K. 

FAQ’s on Instagram Followers

How does Instagram make money?

The fact that Instagram earns most of its revenue from advertising undoubtedly won’t surprise. You can configure paid ads to show up as Instagram stories, feed posts, and in the Explore tab. Moreover, both can be set up and managed through the same Ad Manager, and Instagram may be used as a primary channel for ads or as an auxiliary one for Facebook campaigns.

Can I recover a deleted Instagram account?

Indeed, there is no way to get your account back if you or someone else with your password deleted it. The username you previously used might not be available if you establish a new account with the same email address. However, if you have deactivated your account or have forgotten the password, you can always find ways to recover your account. 

What things do you need to consider to avoid losing followers?

One of the most crucial issues, perhaps, given the large number of accounts that regularly fail to publish, confusing and boring their followers. Make it a point to publish once or up to three times daily, minimum. Nobody wants to follow an account just there to be followed; they are on your train because they like what you do, so provide it to them. Refrain from spamming; it’s not cute.

Always emphasize ALWAYS – make sure that each photo you publish satisfies your quality standards and overall look while pushing out unique content. Poor quality may cause your supporters to accuse you of the problem.

What is the quickest way to increase the number of Instagram followers?

Here, there are no shortcuts. You must be patient, consistent, and open to trying new methods of reaching out to your target audience. As we’ve already stated, this won’t occur immediately. Making the most of cross-promotion on Instagram is usually a good idea. 

If you manage a newsletter or another social media account, consider promoting your Instagram account there. Although it’s doubtful that everyone in your audience will follow, if you remind them a few times, they might quickly account for most of your active Instagram followers.

Can you see who views your IG? How do I see who viewed my videos on Instagram?

There is no way to see who has looked at your Instagram profile right now. You can, however, track down every viewer of your Instagram stories. Check who often watches your stories to find out who genuinely cares about your material. Even if they don’t respond to your posts, these individuals are likely aware of them. If they do and watch your Instagram stories, they must be enjoying your profile; keep up the good work!

Count Your Instagram Followers

There are numerous methods you may use if you want to discover an individual’s precise Instagram follower count rather than just the K number. 

You can quickly find the follower counts for both your profile and those of other people if you keep the step mentioned earlier in mind. Please go through our other article on How to Continue Music on Multiple Instagram Story?

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