How To See The Live Videos On Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that allows its users to share, watch, save, and post videos, pictures, and other stuff. Do you want to know How to see the live videos on Instagram? If yes, then you are reading the right article. Stay with us, and we will tell you How to see the live videos on Instagram. 

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How To See The Live Videos On Instagram?

Do you want to follow the influencers on Instagram? Want to be notified whenever they post pictures, videos, or reels on their account? Do you want to see their live videos? If yes, we have the solution for you in these simple, quick, easy steps below. 

Step 1- Open Your Instagram Account.

First, you need to log in to your Instagram account. Add your username and password if you are not already logged in. If you do not have an Instagram account, go to the google play store or Apple app store and download Instagram.

instagram logo on phone screen

Step 2- Tap on the Search Icon

When you open your Instagram profile, you can see the search icon at the bottom left of your screen with other icons. Tap on this icon to go to the explore page.

instagram post

Step 3- Go to Search Bar

Now that you have come to the search feed of Instagram, you can see a search bar on your screen. 

instagram searcch bar

Step 4- Search for IGTV

Type IGTV on the search bar to find out the live videos of your followers. Tap on “Tags” to see the hashtag results of your related IGTV videos. 

instagram search for igtv

Step 5- Tap on IGTV

Selecting the option for IGTV tags, you can see many different live videos on the Instagram explore page. Tap on such videos having the IGTV icon. Videos from both public accounts and your followers will appear.

seach results for igtv

Step 6- Search Hashtags for IGTV

To see some particular IGTV, you can search the videos with the trending hashtags. This will bring you the most popular and running videos with that hashtag. Tap on any video from the list that has the icon of IGTV. Remember, if you view a non-IGTV video, you would not be able to browse it. 

Search Hashtags for IGTV

Step 7- Watch IGTV Videos

Now that you have selected an IGTV video to watch, it will expand as you tap on it. You can also see an option of “Watch IGTV Video” if you want to watch the whole video. On the other hand, if you do not see the option of “Watch IGTV Video,” it means this video does not belong to the IGTV option. 

How To See The Live Videos On Instagram?

Congratulations, you have successfully learned to watch live videos on Instagram in just a few minutes. You can now go and watch all the live streaming on Instagram. You can also search for your favorite hashtags to watch the most viewed and popular videos on Instagram. 


Do Their Live Videos Always Show Up?

It is not possible for the live videos to always show up because these videos end at a particular time. If the person has shared the link or whole live video recorded session on his Instagram account, you can watch it.

How can you communicate with someone who is doing a live session?

You can watch their live videos and like or comment on their video. They can read your comment in the live video session and reply verbally. The person who has started the live video can also add you to their live session, and you can start your live video with them. 

Can you see the live videos of the people you do not follow on Instagram?

You can see the live videos of the people on Instagram who you do not follow only if they have set their account as public. You cannot see the live videos of the Instagram users you do not follow if they have set their accounts as private.

Summing Up

Finding live videos on Instagram is difficult because you need to search for IGTV videos. Not many people know the process of watching live videos on Instagram, so they ask about How to see the live videos on Instagram? We came up with some steps in this article to answer their questions so that you can learn to watch the live IGTV videos on your own on Instagram.

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