How To See What My Boyfriend Likes on Instagram?

Sometimes, snooping is a necessary evil.  If you want to check out your significant other’s recent taste in music and movies, figure out what kind of gifts he wants, or see places he wants to visit for your next date, Instagram is a good place to start. In this article, we’ll show you how to see the posts your boyfriend (or anyone!) likes on Instagram. This article provides a comprehensive tutorial on How To See What My Boyfriend Likes on Instagram. Continue reading for more information.

The “Following” Section

In the past, it was easy and convenient to see which posts were being liked and commented on. The following section lets you monitor the specific posts that a person you were following was engaging with. However, this feature was removed in 2019 due to privacy reasons. 

The Roundabout Method

If you don’t have access to your boyfriend’s account, you would have to use this effective but otherwise tedious method:

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Log in to your account.
Log in to your own account
  1. Go to your boyfriend’s profile. (Or anybody you want to check out.)
  2. Tap Following.
Tap Following
  1. Select a profile that he’s following and tap it. 
How To See What My Boyfriend Likes on Instagram
  1. Select a post.
Select a post
  1. Tap the list of likes and check if your boyfriend’s name is on the list.
How To See What My Boyfriend Likes on Instagram

This method can be strenuous and time-consuming. You will also be unable to check posts that he liked but whose profile he didn’t follow. If your boyfriend also changed his settings to hide his activity, this method will not work. It is more effective only if you have specific profiles that you want to check for his likes.

The Straightforward Method

The easiest way to check your boyfriend’s likes is by using his account itself. If you have his access and consent to check his account, it is best to go with this option. To check his activity:

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Login using your boyfriend’s account details.
  3. Tap his Instagram Profile icon
  4. Select Settings
  5. Select Account.
  6. Tap Posts You’ve Liked.

Here, you will find a full list of his like history. There is no longer any need to sift through every profile he is following. Instead, you get a listed reference of every post he has liked.

Using A Third-Party Program

If you do not have your partner’s access and also want to avoid the tediousness of checking every post, you may want to opt for a third-party program. There are a few programs out there that allow you to add accounts and check a certain user’s activity.

Just note that these services are usually paid, and third-party programs also carry security and privacy risks.

If you’re out of options, the best method is offline – honest and sincere communication with your significant other.

FAQs On Seeing Instagram Activity

Can someone else see my likes?

In the same way, you have the means to see someone’s activity, and they can also see yours. 

How can I hide my activity status?

Go to Settings and Privacy, then toggle off your Activity Status.

Can someone tell if I’m checking their activity?

No, unless you are watching their posts and stories. If you are simply checking which posts they like, they won’t be able to tell.

Does searching an Instagram account let the owner know you’re doing so?

Instagram doesn’t inform users as to who views or searches their profiles. It can only show them if someone is watching their story.

How can I tell if my boyfriend is online?

Check the timestamp to see if they are currently on or when was the last time they were online. However, you won’t be able to tell if he turned off his Activity status.

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