How To See WhatsApp Hidden Profile Picture?

WhatsApp chat becomes more accessible and fun if we can see the picture of the person we are chatting with. Can you not see the profile picture of any WhatsApp contact on your device? Do you want to know How to see a WhatsApp hidden profile picture? If yes, you should read this article until the end to get all the answers.

People are often curious to know the face of the person they are talking to. It makes people more curious if the WhatsApp profile picture of the other person is hidden. We will tell you how you can try to see the hidden profile picture of someone on WhatsApp. Follow these steps.

How To See WhatsApp Hidden Profile Picture?

Many Whatsapp account holder keeps their profile picture hidden due to privacy concern. Sometimes, even the people in the contact list cannot see the hidden profile picture of the person.

There is no direct way but some alternatives that you can use to view hidden profile pictures on WhatsApp.

You can use these ways to see the hidden profile picture of any person on WhatsApp. You can ask the person to add you to their contact so you can view their profile picture.

Step 1- Open WhatsApp

First, you need to have a WhatsApp account for this process. If you have a WhatsApp account already, then open it. 

WhatsApp icon

Step 2- Tap On Horizontal Dots 

Now, you can see the three dots at the top right of your screen. Tap on these dots.

WhatsApp menu icon

Step 3- Select Settings

You can see the list of menus “New group, new broadcast, linked devices, started Messages and settings.” Select the settings menu. 

WhatsApp setting

Step 4- Select Account

Select the Account section from settings.

WhatsApp account setting option

Step 5- Tap on Privacy

Tap on the top that says “Privacy.” 

WhatsApp privacy setting

Step 6- Select Profile photo

This is the section. Tap on the option of the Profile photo.

How To See WhatsApp Hidden Profile Picture?

Step 7- Tap on Everyone

On the top of the option “Who can see my profile photo.” Here, select and allow people to see your profile picture.

Remember, you can see the profile picture of other people in your contact list or from outside if you show them. If you choose “Everyone,” then people can see your profile picture, and you can also see their hidden profile picture on WhatsApp. 

profile photo privacy option

Step 8- Open a Chat

Go to your chats on WhatsApp and open a chat. Now you see people’s hidden profile pictures. If you turn off your last seen, then you will be unable to see others’ last seen.

Your name will be hidden if you turn off the blue ticks and see the status of any person. Also, if you put a WhatsApp status, you cannot see the contacts who have seen your status if your read receipt is off. 

whatsapp chat


If someone’s WhatsApp picture disappears, does it mean they have blocked you?

If the profile picture of any of your contact list disappears from WhatsApp, it does not mean they have blocked you. It can refer to a few different things. It may occur if a person deletes his Account or removes his profile picture. Another possibility could be that they might have changed their number into any new number. If any person’s WhatsApp account expires, the profile picture can be removed. 

Can you hide your WhatsApp profile picture from some contacts?

The new WhatsApp update has added this feature to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from specific contacts. You can enable this feature from your privacy settings.

Summing Up

When anyone from your contact list hides their profile picture from you or everyone, it makes you curious to know why. On the other hand, if you have added someone recently on your WhatsApp and it does not show their image, then you must think about what this person looks like. This question pops up in your mind How to see a WhatsApp hidden profile picture? You can learn ways to see the hidden profile picture of someone on WhatsApp through this article.

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