How To See Who Blocked Me On Instagram For Free?

Nowadays, you can find almost everyone on your Facebook in Instagram. If you can’t, it’s usually because they may not have an account, or they could have you blocked. If you are someone who doesn’t like to be in the dark like me will find this post helpful. This post will cover how to see who blocked you on Instagram. This article includes a detailed guide on How To See Who Blocked Me On Instagram For Free.

Finding out who blocked you on Instagram

Don’t we all wish that there were a feature on Instagram that would notify us if someone has blocked us? But unfortunately, that’s too wild to be real, and it will cause unnecessary drama among people. However, in some instances knowing who wishes to avoid you will help you steer clear of them. So, below I’ll discuss several methods which will help you find out who blocked you on Instagram, that too, for free!

Methods To See Who Blocked Me On Instagram For Free

Method 1: Checking their DM

Unlike Facebook, where texts don’t even go through when you’re blocked, Instagram doesn’t show it. IG shows that your texts have been sent, but in reality, the messages are going nowhere. If you ever wondered why your messages aren’t being seen, you might want to check if you’re still connected. Tap on their username on top of the chat box, and it’ll take you to their profile. If you’ve been blocked, it will show a blank page like the one below. 

How To See Who Blocked Me On Instagram For Free

Same with comments. You can check through there if they have commented on any of your posts. Click on their user handle, and you’ll be transferred to their profile. Like before, if a blank page shows up, I’ve got bad news for you. 

Method 2: Manually search for them on Instagram

If you notice that one of your friends’ posts isn’t coming up in your feed anymore, or you haven’t seen much of them recently. Do a quick search by typing their account name from the search tool at the top of the page. It’s okay if you can see their name on top of the list, meaning they might just haven’t posted much. However, if you don’t see their account, that leads to two possibilities. Either they have deleted or deactivated their account or blocked you.

To confirm whether you have been blocked or not – log out of your Instagram account. Then search for their username in the web browser. If their account does come up, then your account has been blocked. You can also try this method using another account to search for them that they don’t know about.

Method 3: Third-party Apps

You can find many third-party apps on the internet which claim that they can keep track of whose block lists you are in. Such as Followers+, XProfile,, xReport, etc., has attractive features and interface. Although, you may not find all the apps in Play Store. You’ll have to search for those in your phone’s browser and install the software of your choice. After installation, you’ll have to log in with your account information. And finally, when you’re in, you can access the analysis of your Instagram statistics. 

the analysis of your Instagram statistics

You can see the list of who has you blocked, total likes and comments, and who hasn’t followed you back or has unfollowed you. The information can be used to improve the quality of content you share to gain followers, etc. Although, the block list won’t be the complete version. Because you can only see the names of users who have blocked you after you’ve installed the app on your phone. 

However, resort to using these apps at your own risk. Since these apps are created and distributed by random sources, you could find viruses and malware that can potentially destroy your device, commit information theft, or manipulate data.  Make sure to read the reviews before downloading an app, and keep an eye out for the negative ones. 

FAQs On Blocking On Instagram

Where can I see the accounts I blocked?

Go to your profile page by clicking your display picture in the bottom right. Hit the hamburger menu on the top right and select “Settings” from the popped menu. Go for “Privacy” and scroll to the bottom. Under the “Connections” section, you should be able to see the “Blocked accounts.” Press that to view who you have blocked.

Can I find out who’s stalking me on Instagram?

Not exactly, but there are some hints that you could keep a look out for. Such as, if someone’s following you even if you don’t follow them back, or if someone is recently spamming likes in your old posts, there’s a good chance they’re keeping tabs. Also, if you’re frequently seeing a familiar or unfamiliar account in your people you may know, that account may have been visiting your account. Due to Instagram’s algorithm, it thinks it’s someone you might know and suggests that account. 

Can the blocked person see that I blocked them? 

Yes, ultimately, but not immediately. When the person searches for you in their following list or looks up Instagram, can’t find you, can’t reach you through texts, but makes sure that your account is active, then the person gets the idea that you might have blocked their account.

How can I unblock someone on Instagram?

Go to your “Blocked accounts” from “Settings.” In the list of blocked accounts, tap the unblock button beside their account name. Once done, they’ll be able to see and follow your account again. 

Closing Remarks

Knowing that someone has blocked you is depressing, be it a close person or a stranger. But you could use the knowledge to make amends with them or better yourself. Or perhaps keep your distance from them in your next encounter.

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