How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post?

Have you ever wanted to know who’s sharing your posts but didn’t know how to use the little share button?

We all want our posts to go viral and get featured on Instagram’s Explore page. But if you don’t know how, it can be a frustrating experience. You set up a beautiful shot, work hard on editing it, then share it, but nobody reacts to it.

Learn how easy it is with this easy-to-follow tutorial video that reveals How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post? With just one tap, you’ll never be left wondering again.

So let’s dig deeper inside the article to understand the process better to see who shared your posts on their timeline or stories.

What Is Instagram Post, And How To See Who Shared your Instagram Post?

An Instagram post is a video or photo that could be of anything you share with your followers on your profile. You can repost and archive your Instagram posts as well whenever you want.

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms that billions of users worldwide use to share their photos and videos. Multiple celebrities are also on this platform, with millions of followers on their profiles. 

Instagram has a feature through which the people you follow or follow can reshare your posts. Their followers can also see your reshare post, which is a good thing to enhance your following on Instagram.

Sometimes you want to know who shares your post that means something to you, and you don’t know how to see that person. 

That is why we have brought the step-by-step guide below to ensure you see every person who shares your post on Instagram.

Steps To See Who Share Your Instagram Post

Please follow every step below to see who shares your Instagram post:

  1. Open Instagram App And Tap On Profile Logo
instagram post

Log in to your Instagram profile, and you will see your profile logo on the main timeline screen. Tapp on your profile logo to open the profile menu.

  1. Open Profile Settings Option
How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post?

In your main profile menu, you will see all the posts and videos you post on your timeline with your followers. Now you need to tap on the three-bar line profile settings option at the screen’s top right corner.

  1. Open Settings In Profile Menu
Graphical user interface, application

You will see a settings option at the top of the list with its logo in your profile options. Now you need to tap on the settings option.

  1. Open Privacy Settings
privacy setting instagram

The settings menu will have multiple options associated with your profile details. It would help if you located the privacy option using a web browser or Instagram app. Please select the privacy option by tapping on it.

  1. Turn Off The Private Account Option
instagram setting

In privacy settings, you have to turn off the option of a private account if you have turned it on. Suppose your profile is public, then there is no need to check this option.

  1. Switch To Public Account From Private Account
instagram switch account

When you turn off the private option on your profile, a window will appear on your screen, which shows the message with caution about your privacy that any profile can see on Instagram. Now tap on the switch to the public option.

  1. Open Any Post Of Which You Want To See Who Shared It
instagram profile

Now go back to your profile main menu. There you need to select any photo that you know shared by someone. Tap on the photo and open the details.

  1. Open Post Option And Tap On View Story Re-Shares
instagram post

When you open your post, you will see a three dots option on the top right corner of the screen of that post. Select that option by tapping on it. You will have multiple options regarding your post, but you must select the story re-shares option.

  1. Now Click On Post To See Who Shared It
How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post?

A new window will appear where your current profile public reshares are present. You can tap on any post and check the person’s details who shares your post on their timeline or your story.


Why Is Instagram Not Showing Someone’s Shared Post Of Mine?

It could be a settings problem if you enable a security feature that doesn’t allow you to see that post’s details. If you want to see that post, then you need to follow these steps below:
– Open your Instagram app
– Log in to your Instagram account
– Open your profile menu
– Open settings and then select the privacy and security option
– Enable post reshares option and also story controls option to shared content

Can I See If Someone Share My Post On Instagram 2022?

1. You can see someone share your post on Instagram by following these quick steps:
2. Open your Instagram profile
3. Select the profile logo on the main app screen at the bottom right corner
4. Open the three bar lines option by tapping on it
5. Select privacy option
6. Make your account a public account
7. Now select your post on your profile that someone shared on their profiles
8. Tap on the options button of that post and choose reshared story option
9. Now you can see all the profiles who shared your posts

How Do I Know If Someone Saved My Instagram Post 2022?

To see who saved your Instagram post, you must have a creator or business account. If you have a creator account, you can check your post’s insights which will tell you all the details about engagements and save the numbers of your post.

Is There Any Feature That Tells You About Your Post Sharing By Someone On Instagram?

The only way to learn about the person who shared your Instagram post on their timeline or story is to check your post reshare story option. No other option will allow you to see the person who shares your posts. 
Your profile must be public. Otherwise, no reshared posts option will appear in your posts options.

Does Instagram Show Notification When Someone Share Your Post?

Yes, Instagram shows you the notification if someone shares your post. Your notification logo will light up with the heart or share sign, and you can check that notification by tapping on the activity option.

How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post: Conclusion

Even with Instagram stories, you can’t find out who’s been seeing your posts. A lot of people have never seen their Instagram posts before, so there’s a feeling of missing 

Many brands are finding it hard to measure their Instagram campaigns and see the return on investment they are getting when they share their posts.

With so many users on Instagram, it is hard to stand out with your posts. It is impossible to know your target audience and how many people are seeing your posts. There are ways to increase the visibility of your posts, but they come at a price.

Don’t worry! The guide above in this article will provide you with the only legit way to view someone who shared your Instagram posts. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share your feedback.

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