How to see Who Shared Your Instagram Story?

We all love to keep stories on our Instagram page. Stories that give an update about over life. Do you want to know how to see who shared your Instagram story? Then you are at the right place. By following the step-by-step guide given below you can find the details about the people who have shared your story.

Instagram is a platform where people share photos, videos, and their life updates regularly. You can post content on Instagram as posts, reels, lives, IG feeds, and stories. And it is accessible by anyone who follows you. So it is common that people to share the story that you keep on your profile with another person via, direct message, or by taking screenshots of the same. But of personal accounts, there is no way to find the person who has shared the story on Instagram. but in the business account, you have different tools by which you can keep a track of the number of people who have shared your video. You can only see the number of people who have shared your story, not actual profiles that have shared the story.

You may also be interested in how to see who shared your Instagram post on their feed.

In this article, you can find the step-by-step guide to see who has shared your Instagram stories.

Steps To See Who shared Your Instagram story.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app

instagram in play store

You can download the Instagram app either through the Google play store or using the App store. Download the app and open the app either from the home screen or through the app launcher.

Step 2: Open the story

How to see Who Shared Your Instagram Story?

Open the story in which you want to view the profiles that shared the story.

Step 3: Click on insight icon

instagram story insight

After opening the story click on the insight icon.

Step 4: Share jnsight

instagram share insight

After clicking on the insight icon you can see the insights of that particular story. Scroll down to see the share details. You can view story interactions, shares, forwards and many more exicting details about your story. On this insight, you can see the profiles that have seen your story. 

Step 5: Full details about the story

Under the story insight option, you can view all details related to that particular story that you have selected. You can see the view details and other important details regarding the story.

By now you know how to view the number of profiles that have shared your story. Instagram doesn’t provide more details on the same. But using the insight option you can find many more other details on the stories. 


How can I use the story function on Instagram?

On Instagram, you can post different kinds of content, either you can post a story, reels, posts, and Ig content. The story is one among them stories are 15 sec long and will remain on your account for 24 hours of time. To post a story open your profile click on the plus sign in the top corner and then select a story. There a different kinds of filters, stickers, and many more options available. Then add your story and post. Stories appear on the top rather than on the feeds.

Does Instagram notify me if someone shares my post to their story?

Instagram will be sent a notification on sharing a post to the story. You will be receiving a notification as you have been tagged on to the post. Anyone who views that story would be able to navigate into your profile. 

Can I know if someone takes a screenshot of my story?

Yes, it is possible on iPhones. On iPhone, you can see if someone takes a screenshot of your profile. But on Android phones, these facilities are not available as of now. But instead of that, you can see them among the viewer’s list.

What does it means when we receive a notification as “someone shared photos on Instagram”.

When you get a notification stating that someone has shared photos on Instagram means that they have uploaded photos to their Instagram page. You will be receiving the notification because you will be following that person. The person who posts photos on Instagram can make a decision on who can view the image by keeping the account public or private. A non-follower cannot see the photos on a private account until getting permission from the person who holds the account. 

Is it possible to see the person who has shared my post to their story?

You can see the number of people who have shared your post but you can’t view the profile details. Sometimes it may be because the person who shared will have a private account rather than a public account. Or maybe they shared the story from another account. There are different kinds of possibilities.


By now you would have a clear idea of how to see who shared your story on Instagram. Even though you can’t see the profile details you can see the total number of people who have shared. In a business account, you have access to various kinds of insights on the content that you post on Instagram. You can view the people who have seen your stories, you can see how much reach you have got, and much more detailed information can be received. 

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