How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Story?

Since the Instagram app launched its “story” feature, users are actively using it to express their emotions and instant messages. Also engaging their targeted audiences quickly to remain active on this social app. Moreover, even brands are using these story features in order to capture the instant attention of their customers. They upload pictures and videos of their latest collection right away for their followers so that they can have an instant catch-up. So, it’s important to see who viewed the Instagram story.

People become curious about who has viewed their story whenever they upload it. Both normal and Business User consumes time to make creative stories. Most Business users invest dollars in hiring social media managers to write engaging content including stories. So it becomes highly substantial for them to get aware of their story viewer. You can also learn how to see previews of Instagram stories to make them more follower friendly.

No matter if you are a new user and don’t know much about the different features of Instagram, including seeing your story viewers, this guide is going to help you out in this matter. There are a few simpler steps you need to learn and follow.

Steps to see who viewed your Instagram story:

It is not a big deal anymore to see who has seen your Instagram story, even if you are a beginner at the app. While uploading a story, you have to be aware that it will last on the app for the next 24 hours, and after that duration, it will automatically disappear. So, if you need to see your viewers, you have to make the effort within 24 hours, after that, it won’t be possible to see who has viewed your story or the total number of your viewers.

Follow these steps one by one to peek through your story’s viewers.

Step 1:

Open your Instagram account on any device, iOS, Android, or browser.

Step 2:

Click on your uploaded story, and it will start playing.

Step 3:

Now, while the story is playing on your android or iOS, you can swipe up the screen, and your story viewers will appear on the screen, as shown in the picture below.

Now, while the story is playing on your android or iOS

There is another very simple step to see your viewers of the story is when it is playing on the screen in front of you, you will see at the left corner of the bottom of your screen, the word “Activity” will appear right after people start viewing your story. As shown in the picture below.

 left corner of the bottom of your screen, the word “Activity” will appear right after people start viewing your story.

Open this icon, and the same screen will appear that you have seen by swiping up, and you can easily watch out for your viewers. 

These are two simpler steps to follow when you have to see your story viewers, no matter for what reasons, whether to evaluate the strength of your account, especially if you are a business brand, activity status of your followers, if you are a social media influencer, or just out of curiosity if you are a user of Instagram for your entertainment.

Seeing your story viewers at browser:

If you are not using your smartphone and being engaged with your Instagram account in your browser, you would definitely not follow the swipe-up feature to see your story viewers. However, it is not a big deal too, you can follow the second option of looking at the bottom line of your story, where you will see that Instagram has already mentioned the number of people who have viewed your story by telling you, “seen by 66” or what so ever, and by clicking this, the same screen will appear that you have seen above with step 3, and you will be able to peek through all your viewers. 


How can I see my Instagram story viewers on my PC?

While using Instagram on your PC, you will open your story and can see your viewers at the bottom left corner of the screen.

How can I see who viewed my Instagram story on my android phone?

Open your Instagram story and swipe up your android set screen, it will show you the viewers of your story.

Can I see the number of times my followers see my Instagram story?

No, there is not any option available to see how many times someone has gone through your Instagram story.

Will Instagram notify me if someone has taken a screenshot of my story?

Instagram will only notify the person have viewed your story and nothing else.

Can I view someone’s story without being noticed?

No, Instagram doesn’t allow you to sneak someone’s Instagram story without notifying them, especially if the account is private.

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