How To See Your Drafts On Instagram?

Are you creative enough to prepare your Instagram stories and posts ahead of time? Do you want to use your spare time by preparing Instagram posts in advance, but you do not know How to see your drafts on Instagram? If yes, you have chosen the right article to study that will answer all your questions. We will teach you to find drafts on Instagram so that you can create posts ahead of time and save them to the drafts. 

People are so buried in work and other responsibilities that they do not find quality time to invest in an Instagram post. This brings difficulty in creating a perfect post for your followers on Instagram. If you know How to see your drafts on Instagram, you can make Instagram posts in advance and save them in drafts. 

First of all, you need to find where the draft folder on Instagram is. You will learn to see the draft folder on Instagram by the end of this article. Let’s get straight to the points. 

How To See Your Drafts On Instagram?

Drafts were introduced on Instagram in 2016; before that, it was one of the most requested and required features on Instagram. The reason behind the need for the draft is that influencers, social media marketers, and everyday users of Instagram wanted to create their posts in advance. But they do not have any safe place to save their posts. 

Step 1- Open Your Instagram

Log in to your Instagram account with your username and password. If you do not have an Instagram account, go to the google play store or Apple app store and download Instagram.

instagram icon

Step 2- Select the ‘+’ Icon

Now, tap on the ‘+’ icon at the top left or middle bottom. This icon is also used when you want to select an image to upload.

instagram feed

Step 3- Edit the Photo

Select and edit the photo. If you do not edit the image, the draft option will not appear.

instagram edit photo

Step 4- Tap on the ‘X’ option

When you have edited your picture, tap on the icon ‘X’ at the top left corner of your screen.

How to see your drafts on Instagram?

Step 5- Save To Draft

When you tap on ‘X,’ tap on “save draft.”

instagram save to draft option

Step 7- Find Your Draft

Now that you have saved an image to the draft, you can find the draft folder on your Instagram account. Now again, open your Instagram account and tap on the + icon.

find instagram draft

Step 8- Tap on Post

You can see some options. Tap on Post. 

edit instagram drat post

Step 9- Select from Drafts

Tap on the post option, you will see a menu with other options. Tap on Drafts.

select photo from instagram draft

Step 10- Select the Image from Draft

You can see the images, photos, reels, or videos you have ever saved in your drafts folder. Select the picture or videos you want to post online on your Instagram account. Tap on that arrow. 

Select the Image from Draft

Step 11- Complete the Process

You can also add a location and a suitable caption to your post to make it more attractive and notable in the eyes of your followers.  Also, you can tag your friends to share.

complete photo editing from draft


Do your Instagram followers or viewers know when you post something from your draft?

Whatever you post on your Instagram account will appear as a standard post to your followers. They cannot know whether you post an image from your gallery or draft folder. It will be a regular post for them. Only you know that you have prepared this post earlier and saved it to the drafts. 

Can you edit the photos or videos after saving them in drafts before posting them on your Instagram account?

Yes, you can always edit the content saved in the drafts folder. It is all up to you if you want to save the content in the drafts again after editing them or post them on your Instagram account. 

Can you delete your Instagram drafts quickly?

Yes, you can quickly delete the content on your Instagram drafts if you no longer want it in your folder. Open your drafts folder and tap on the manage option. You can select the items that you want to delete from your drafts. After the deleting process, you can have more storage space. 

Can you recover the items that you deleted from drafts?

Once you delete something from your drafts folder, it will be deleted permanently. You cannot restore anything if you are using an Android phone. On the other hand, Mac or iPhone users have a trashcan where the deleted items are stored. They can restore the deleted items anytime after deleting them. 


You can now learn to see and save your photos, videos, or reels on your Instagram drafts folder. If you have some spare time and want to utilize it by doing some edits on the images you want to post on Instagram, then drafts are the best option.
You can edit and save your photos in advance to save time and save them in the drafts folder. You can post the contents from drafts to your Instagram account anytime when you are ready.

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