How To See Your Secret Admirers On Instagram For Free?

How does it feel to be one of the most popular Instagram users? It’s definitely an exciting feeling. But what if you’re not very active on Instagram? Are you still able to see secret admirers? This guide will show you how to see your secret admirers on Instagram for free without spending hours and hours of time looking at comments and profiles. And it’s 100% free!

You can also learn how to know who shared your Instagram story.

Steps To See Your Secret Admirers On Instagram For Free.

Step 1: Open your Instagram profile.

Simply visit Instagram and open your profile.

simply visit Instagram and open your profile
  • Open the Instagram app on your phone
  • Open your profile by clicking on “See All” on the box that says there are others who like you. You can also click directly on their names. Once you click, all of them will be shown on a new screen

Step 2: See Your Admirers

Now, all your secret admirers will be displayed here, and you can follow them back or just like their posts if they have some nice content for you!

How To See Your Secret Admirers On Instagram For Free?

These people have seen your profile but never liked, commented, or followed you back.

  • You just need to scroll down the list, and if there is anyone that you find interesting, you can even follow them back and then see what they have been posting.

Step 3: Find & Follow Your Admirers

Why are these admirers important? When you have similar likes as someone else, they may comment on your posts, and then you are likely to like their posts too. Try it out today!

  • You can find people who have similar likes as you or comment on their posts so that they may like yours too!
  • You can see who has been secretly admiring you.
  • You can find new people to follow and interact with.
  • You can see what they like and comment on.
  • You can follow them back, see what they post, then follow them on Instagram if it’s not too much of a hassle!


Who are my hidden Instagram admirers?

 The app has a feature that allows you to view your “hidden admirers,” or users “who are active on your profile but are not following you.” We paid $4.99 to find out who our secret fans were, and a list of more than 150 Instagram accounts appeared.

Can you recognize the Instagram users?

Who can see who views your Instagram profile? Instagram users are unable to see other users’ profile views. If you browse through someone’s profile without liking or commenting on a post, there is no way for them to know who is viewing their images.

 How can I locate my hidden admirer?

Build a network of information to hasten the discovery of your secret admirer. Ask your friends for assistance and ask them if they have any tips. They might have heard some rumors that tip you in the right direction even if they don’t specifically know who your admirer is.

Is the Secret Admirer app authentic?

 Disclaimer: Secret Admirers is a third-party app that gives you insights about potential suitors but is in no way affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It is simply meant for fun and enjoyment.

What do Instagram’s “ghost followers” and “hidden admirers” mean?

Look at connections ( see followers that you have in common with the Instagram user you are viewing ) View the following ghosts ( users that follow you but never like any of your posts ) View folks who have liked your photos but are not following you.


If you want to see who your secret admirers are, then it is easy to do so. In this article, we have given you the steps on how to do it without any hassle. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and find our tips useful!

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