How to Set GIF as WhatsApp DP?

There have been a lot of questions arising among WhatsApp users, one of them being how to set GIF as your WhatsApp DP. Most of us might have seen other users using GIFs or animated photos as their profile pictures, but when we try to do it, WhatsApp doesn’t accept the “.gif” file.

Although WhatsApp might not accept “.gif” files for their DP, there are still loopholes you can work around to set GIF as your WhatsApp DP. This article will take you through whether it is possible to set GIF as WhatsApp PDF and how you can do it.

Is It possible to set GIF as WhatsApp DP?

When setting your WhatsApp Profile, you can add any picture you want as DP. But ensure it only lets the users set images in PNG, JPG, or JPEG format. “.gif” format is also not accepted by WhatsApp. Although you won’t be able to set a GIF as your WhatsApp DP directly, what you can do is convert the “.gif” file into a “.png” file and then upload it as your WhatsApp DP. 

WhatsApp also restricts its users from uploading DP from PSD, PDF, EPS, AI, TIFF, IDD, RAW, and other formats. Since GIF is also a restricted format, if you want to upload the GIF without the animation, you can do it by converting it into PNG and setting it as WhatsApp DP.

two ways to Add GIF as WhatsApp DP

Adding GIF as WhatsApp DP is only possible if you convert the GIF file into Animated PNG. After converting the file into PNG format, you can easily set the GIF image into your WhatsApp DP. Let’s head into two ways you can convert your GIF file into Animated PNG.

1. Using Ezgif

The first way to set GIF as WhatsApp Dp is by converting your GIF into a PNG from Ezgif. Ezgif will help you convert your .gif file into a .png file while retaining the animation. Here is how you can convert your GIF using Ezgif.

  • Open Ezgif and Click on Choose File.
Open Ezgif and Click on Choose File
  • Select the GIF you want to convert and click Upload.
  • Now Crop the part you wish to as a profile picture and Click on Make a PNG.
  • Now you can upload the photo as your profile picture.

2. Using Soda PDF Online

You can also convert your GIF to PNG with Soda PDF Online. Just open the website and easily convert your GIF to PNG. With PNG, the file will still have the snippets of animations while posting it as WhatsApp DP.

Here is how to convert your GIF to PNG using Soda PDF Online:

  • Open Soda PDF Online and Click Tap to Add Files.
Open Soda PDF Online
  • Import your GIF file and Convert it.
  • Now Upload the photo as your WhatsApp Dp.

Additional FAQs

Do people know if I see their WhatsApp DP?

No, there is no way someone can find I you have viewed their WhatsApp DP. Unlike WhatsApp Status, you won’t look at who has viewed your WhatsApp DP. A few third-party apps might claim they track the WhatsApp DP views, but all of them are primarily gimmicks and aren’t helpful.

Can I add video DP to my WhatsApp?

Nope, just like how you cannot add any dynamic images to your WhatsApp DP, you also can’t add video DP to your WhatsApp. Although Facebook allows users to add video profile pictures on its platform, WhatsApp still falls behind on the feature. It might be mainly due to WhatsApp being more of a messaging app than a social media platform.

Can I add GIF as my Status on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can add GIFs or videos to your Status on WhatsApp. While uploading your Status on Whatsapp, you can take a photo, record a video or GIF or choose from existing images, videos, and even GIFs from your phone. You can add a caption or make edits to your Status before posting it. 

How to set WhatsApp Dp without cropping?

You need to edit your photos in a square shape that fits the aspect ratio of WhatsApp DP to upload them without cropping. Here is how you can do it:

1. Download a photo editor app like SquareDroid
2. Open the app and select the background type for your photos from blur, plain, or gradient.
3. Save the Image and Head over to WhatsApp.
4. Your Photo has been saved in a Square shape making it perfect for WhatsApp Dp, meaning you don’t have to crop your photo anymore.

Can I set WhatsApp Dp for one person?

You can hide your WhatsApp profile for different contacts and make it visible for specific contacts.

1. Open your WhatsApp and Tap on the three dots in the top right corner.
2. Tap on Settings and Go to Account.
3. Tap on Privacy and Head over to Accounts.
4. Click on the Profile photo.
5. You will now have an option to choose from, Everyone, My Contacts, My contacts except… and Nobody. 
6. If you want to hide it from certain people, select My contact except and select their contact except for the people you want to show your WhatsApp DP.

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