How To Share A Full Reel On The Instagram Story?

The Instagram reel is a new feature that Instagram has just rolled out. It allows users to create a reel consisting of multiple photos and videos posted on Instagram. Reels can be private or public and can be viewed by anyone who follows you on Instagram. It is an excellent way for users who want to show off their best work and get extra exposure. Are you looking for how to share a full reel on the Instagram story? Keep reading the article.

Instagram stories are a great way to share photos and videos with friends and followers, but you can also use them for business purposes. We will share some methods to share an entire reel of your work on Instagram. You can also check how to see live videos on Instagram

Steps By Step Guide To Share A Full Reel On The Instagram Story (Long Reels)

This is a common question of many users. To your surprise, there are a couple of ways to share a reel of videos on Instagram. 

You can either upload the entire reel as one story or post each video separately and link them together in your story. Let’s dig deeper into the topic to know which method will work best for you.

If your reel video is longer than 30 seconds, you will need an application to share it on your story. Follow these steps to share your 30-second reel video:

Step 1. Find the application 

Open the app store and search Instagram media saver on the tab.

search Instagram media saver on app store

Step 2. Install the application

Find story saver and tap install. Once it’s installed, tap on open.

install the application Instagram media saver

Step 3. Open the reel 

Go to your Instagram and open up the reel you want to share.

open Instagram Reel post to share long reel in story

Step 4. Select copy link

Tap on three dots on the bottom corner of the screen. After that, select the option of copy link from the menu.

instagram post copy link option

Step 5. Open the story saver app again 

The post will be visible on your screen. Tap the ‘>’ circle on the post.

post list instagram

Note: if your account is private, then you will need to log in first. Enter your login details.

Step 6. Tap on repost

Click on repost to repost it.

instagram post

Step 7. Select ok

Now, a prompt message will ask you if you are sure about saving the video. Click on ok.

instagram save video

Step 8. Give access  

It will then ask you to allow access to save your video on your phone. Tap ok.

instagram story access

Step 9. Allow opening Instagram 

After that, it will take your permission to open Instagram. Select open.

instagram story repost

Step 10. Select story 

It will redirect you to the post on the Instagram page. Click on a story to add it to the story.

post to instagram

Step 11. Share it on the story 

Now, tap on share to share it on the story. Finally, your reel has been shared on your Instagram story. You can check the viewers by swiping up the post.

share post on facebook too

Step By Step Instructions To Share A Full Reel On The Instagram Story (Short Reel)

If the reel is not long, you can share it on your Instagram story without using other applications.

Step 1. Open your Instagram app and go to the reel you want to share.

instagram profile

Step 2. Tap on the share icon located above the 3 dots.

instagram post

Step 3. Now tap on add to my story, and you are good to go.

instagram short reel story

Uploading the entire reel as one story is the easiest way, but it can be cumbersome if the videos are long. If you decide to post them separately, make sure to add links between each video in your story so that viewers can easily navigate them.

Add text or graphics to your story that will introduce and explain the reel. You can also use this opportunity to promote your latest video or upcoming event.


Can I share my Instagram story on my Facebook story?

If your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected, sharing them is not difficult.
– Go to your Instagram story and swipe up.
– Tap on share to my Facebook story.

Can I post a longer reel video on Instagram?

If you want to share a longer reel, you may have to use another social media platform. Instagram doesn’t currently allow videos that are longer than 30 seconds. 
However, there are some ways to share longer videos on Instagram. You can use the Captions feature to add text explaining the video or use an Instagram Story to create a longer narrative.

Can I post longer reel videos on Instagram stories without using any application?

Unfortunately, no. You can only share the reel for up to 15 seconds. For 30 seconds, reel another application is the requirement.

Summing It Up

In a nutshell, you can easily share a full reel on your Instagram story by following the simple steps listed above. By doing so, you’ll be able to show your friends and followers a complete picture of what’s going on in your life. Plus, it can be a fun way to share memories from past events. So why not give it a try? We hope that How to share a full reel on your Instagram story is not a question anymore for you.

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