How To Share Gofundme On Instagram?

Gofundme is India’s fastest-growing fundraiser and crowdfunding platform that raises funds for the medical, memorial, emergency, chart, and educational purposes. Gofundme held the people in stringent need of help in the financial aspect. They narrate your story and the reason why the fund is mandated. You may want to contribute but wonder how to share Gofundme on Instagram.

After reading this article, you can simply share the link with your friends and family to help you raise funds. This article will get to know you how to share links on your Instagram to raise funds. 

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Stepwise Methods To Share Gofundme On Instagram. 

Sharing the Gofundme link on Instagram takes a few easy steps to follow. The story appears on your feed for 24 hours. To make it last a longer period, you have the option to pin it to highlights.

Method 1: Share the Swipe Up link on the Instagram handle.

Step 1

Install/open your Instagram account 

Install/open your Instagram account 

Step 2 

Tap on the + icon to add the story to your Instagram account. 

Step 3

Click on the bond option to paste the URL from the generated URL by Gofundme. And paste it into your story. 

Step 4 

Add photos from the gallery and stickers from templates to make it look more appealing. Don’t forget to highlight the link sticker on the front. 

Step 5 

Explain the cause of why you need to raise funds and ask your peers to support you as well. 

Step 6 

Now you’re ready to shoot the story! Press the arrow option at the bottom right to post the story. 

Step 7 

Once you tap on the arrow button, the story will be added to your Instagram for 24 hours and shown to your followers. 

Method 2: Share and Support Go find me on Instagram via Post.

To help further and better, Instagram also has an option to create posts for the same. Posts remain as long as you want; stories are likely to disappear after 24 hours. 

Step 1 

Log into your Instagram handle. 

Step 2 

Tap on the + icon and select post, then add media from the gallery that will support you to raise funds, then tap on the blue tick option for the next step. 

Step 3 

Select the appropriate filter for photos.

Step 4: 

After adding a filter, Mention your cause in a few words and copy-paste the URL in the caption section.

Step 5 

Click on the blue tick on the top right and share the post to your feed. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before Sharing The Link On Your Instagram Account.

  • Make sure the link is accessible for others to make funds. 
  • Seek help from influencers and other notable personalities. 
  • Always tell the story first and the cause of fundraising
  • Encouragement doesn’t force anyone to contribute to fundraising. 
  • Your content must be sharable and understandable by all. 
  • Always pay gratitude to donors for their valuable donations. 


How do you tag Gofundme on Instagram?

– Open your Instagram, tap the new post
– Choose or create the template for posting 
– Mention the social media account of GoFundMe on Instagram (@GoFundMe) and add this to your story. 
– Place it on the story, then click on the arrow to share it. 

How do you share the GofundMe link on Instagram?

– Open your GoFundMe account and click on the Manage option to share the link on various social media platforms. 

– Tap on the Share button and select the Instagram icon, and share it on Instagram along with an updated link. 

How do my Gofundme links go viral?

– Determine your audience 
– Keep the title simple,understandable and shareable. 
– Make connections with influencers and other charity organizations. 
– Be clear with the explanation and justification. 
– Make your content easily shareable.
– Be prompt with the quality of content.

What is the best day to share a Gofundme link?

People assume that Monday is considered the best time to share Gofundme links with people. Furthermore, the early hours of the morning, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM, are the most appropriate. 

What is the best way to share the Gofundme link? 

– Add hashtags to the fundraiser.
– Create Online events to promote it.
– Share on social media platforms to create awareness. 
– Reach out to as many people as you can. 
– Pin your post to make it to people’s eyes.
– Involve numerous people in the cause. 
– Host and toast in the community to shout out. 
– Create an effective strategy and target the audience.

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