How to Share Screen on WhatsApp Video Call?

WhatsApp is a social media platform that allows people to interact and chat via messages, audio, and video calls. While video calling someone, you may need to show them something on your screen, which means you need to share it with them. The question is, does WhatsApp allow or support screen share? If so, then How to Share Screen on WhatsApp Video Call? Keep reading the article to find out.

What is Screen Share?

You can see each other’s faces as you communicate in a video conferencing or video call. What if you want to share something on your phone or computer with the rest of the team? That’s where screen sharing comes into action. Screen sharing is a mechanism or technology that enables people to share their device’s screen in real-time.

People on the other end can see what’s happening on the screen-sharing device. If you are tutoring someone, they can hear you speak while watching all your steps on your screen. Screen sharing is popular when in seminars or working remotely, and there are apps that come with the screen share in-built.

How to Share Screen on WhatsApp Video Call?

WhatsApp is the most popular app, especially for Android users, for sharing pictures and sending text, voice, and video messages. Besides, you can share files and contacts and take photos on the platform. 

No feature has been introduced that allows screen sharing on WhatsApp video calls. Unfortunately, a WhatsApp video call only displays the screen showing the face of the other people on the other end of the call. During a WhatsApp video call, you have no means of sharing your screen. 

Here’s the good news; even though WhatsApp doesn’t support sharing the screen, you shouldn’t let that stop you. There are other simple and easy-to-use screen-sharing apps for iOS and Android, and they come in handy to fill the gap presented by WhatsApp. Let’s discuss the common ones you can use.

  1. Zoom

Zoom is by far the best screen-sharing app for desktops, iOS, and Android. The best part is that it has cool features like raising hands, breakout rooms, virtual background, etc. Besides, anyone on a Zoom meeting can share their screen. Try it out.

  1. Skype

Skype is a screen-sharing app offered by Microsoft, and with it, you can share the screen of your phone or computer. The app is available for Android and iOS and offers incredible features, like a translator.

  1. Google Meet
Google Meet

You will love Google Meet for its secure nature; all you need is a Google account. With Google Meet, you can share your computer’s screen, tab, or a given window. There is so much flexibility with using Google Meet.

The three screen-sharing apps are a great substitute for screen sharing, and you will feel like you are using a WhatsApp video call. Besides, you determine how many people want to join the call. You won’t be disappointed.

FAQs on WhatsApp

Does WhatsApp Support Screen Sharing?

No, it doesn’t. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t have any feature that allows screen sharing. As of 2022, no feature has been developed in any version of WhatsApp to enable it to screen share. However, the future may see a screen-sharing feature added to WhatsApp. Until then, we can only hope such a day to arrive.

How Can I Screen Share on My Phone?

To screen share on your phone, you can use the available apps that support screen sharing for iOS and Android. Such apps include Zoom or Skype. Also, if you have a Google account, you can use Google Meet, which allows you to screen share without downloading any app on your phone. Again, you must be on a video call or conferencing/meeting for you to screen share.

How Can I Video Call on WhatsApp? 

To make a WhatsApp video call, open your WhatsApp and navigate to the chat of the person you want to call. At the top right, locate the call icon and click on it. When making the call, you will be prompted to select either you want a video or a voice call. Click on the video call. When the person you are calling receives, you will see each other faces.

How Can I Screen Share for Free?

You need to use a free video call or conferencing tool to screen share for free. For instance, an app like Zoom allows you to create meetings for free for some time. Also, if the person you want to screen share with has a Google account, you can use Google Meet, which is free.

What Does it Mean to Screen Share?

Screen sharing is when you allow someone to access the activities on your screen. To use this technology, you must use an app that allows screen sharing. Once you start the screen share, the other person will see everything you do on your screen.

Screen Sharing on WhatsApp

As for now, screen sharing is not possible on WhatsApp. No developer has yet to introduce a feature allowing WhatsApp to screen share. However, we’ve mentioned alternatives that will help screen share easily on your mobile phone or computer. Feel free to try them out.

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