How To Share Whatsapp Group Link Without Admin?

WhatsApp has become a popular message platform for people all over the world. The messaging platform is handy when we try to connect with a large group of people through a WhatsApp group. You can use such groups for professional and even personal purposes. WhatsApp lets you add more than 500 members to the same group helping you share your thoughts with a large number of people.  Now you may be wondering how to Share Whatsapp Group Link Without Admin.

Many of us might have faced some confusion when trying to add people or find the invite link when we are not an admin of the WhatsApp group. So, in this article, we will take you through how you can share a WhatsApp group link without an admin.

Share WhatsApp Group Link

The WhatsApp Group link is a great way to invite people to a group without manually adding them. With a link, you can add hundreds of Group members all at once, just through a simple WhatsApp link. But generally, only the admin can invite people into a Group through an invite link. Many of us get confused when we don’t find a way to invite people into a group without an Admin. Without an admin, there is no way for you to access the WhatsApp group. But what you can do is you can ask your Admin to get the invite link for you, and then you could forward it to the people who you want in the group.

  1. Open the WhatsApp group chat and tap on the three dots.
  2. Select Group Info.
Open the WhatsApp group chat and tap on the three dots.

3. Tap on Invite via the link.

Tap on Invite via the link.

4. You can send the invite link via WhatsApp or Copy the link and share it through other apps. Users can also send the invite link through a QR code.

Additional FAQs

How to find a group on Whatsapp?

You can either join a group by a WhatsApp invite link or find the group by name and join it. Looking for a private or even a public group without an invitation is generally hard. But still, here is how you can do it.Open WhatsApp and Tap on Search Bar.
Type in the exact name of the group.
You will see the matching results in the search. Select the group you are interested in joining.
Generally, without admin permission, it will be hard for you to join, and most groups require admin permission for you to join. So, it is usually tough to join a WhatsApp group by name.

Can I add 600 people to a WhatsApp group?

Initially, WhatsApp had a limit of Group Members up to 256. But after an update on May 2022, WhatsApp has increased its limit to 512 members. WhatsApp has made it much more convenient for large organizations that use the platform. But if you are wondering if there is a way to add 600 people to a WhatsApp group, then no, you won’t be able to add one extra member after 512 members have been added to a WhatsApp group.

How many WhatsApp groups can I join?

Unlike the group members, there is no limit on how many groups one person can join on WhatsApp. You can create unlimited WhatsApp groups and even enter an unlimited number of groups. So, if you want to go ahead and join a ton of WhatApp groups, go ahead and join them all.

How to avoid people from adding me to WhatsApp groups?

If you get annoyed after many people add you to different WhatsApp groups, you can block them from adding you to various groups. Here is how you can do it:

1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots in the top right corner.
2. Tap Settings and Go to Account.
3. Click on Privacy and then Click Groups.
4. Now, Change the settings of Who can add me to groups accordingly. 
5. You can also let only selected people add you into groups or avoid selected people from adding you into groups.

Can you merge 2 WhatsApp accounts?

No, you can’t merge two WhatsApp accounts. You can only verify your WhatsApp account with one phone number. Even if you have two numbers belonging to you, you can only have one WhatsApp account per phone number. WhatsApp doesn’t let you have a WhatsApp account with multiple numbers.You can transfer your account to a different phone number if you have switched your phone number. But if you frequently switch between other devices and numbers, WhatsApp might block you from re-verifying your account.

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