How To Sign Into iTunes On iPhone?

If you own an Apple device, you may have realized the importance of iTunes. iTunes is a library of all your apps, music, podcasts, videos, etc., in one place. To access this library, you need an iTunes ID and password. But how to sign into iTunes on iPhone? Is there a specific app you need to download?

Unfortunately, iTunes is outdated. Apple stopped using iTunes as the defacto library for all your files. iTunes is now split into other apps such as Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Photos, etc. But that does not mean you cannot log into intunes to get your files. You can simply open Settings>iTunes & App Store and log into your iTunes account.

This article will cover if you didn’t know about iTunes getting outdated and Apple splitting their library into various apps. Also, this article will show you ‘How to sign into iTunes on iPhone?’ Please read ahead and do not skip as you may miss critical information.

iTunes And Apple ID | Are They The Same?

iTunes ID is now Apple ID. Yes, Apple changed how you can access the different files on your iTunes library but didn’t change how you can log into it. You can now use the same ID and Password you used to log into iTunes to the Apple account.

Using the same ID and Password, you can use the various Apple products. For example, you can use the same on App Store, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Photos App, etc. 

If you had a bunch of important files on iTunes, you are worried that you may have lost them. Do not worry. You haven’t lost any of the files from your iTunes library. You can simply log into the specific app with the Apple ID (Or iTunes ID) and access the files.

For example, if you had a music album that you purchased on the iTunes store, you can now access all those music from the Apple Music App using the same login information you used on iTunes. It is that simple.

You can also use the same ID and Password to log into the iPhone and get all the services from Apple. So, how to sign into iTunes on iPhone or Apple account on iPhone?

How To Sign In to iTunes On iPhone?

To sign into iTunes on iPhone, you can simply follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and go to the home screen.

Step 2: Now look for the settings app on the home screen and tap on it.

Now look for the setting app

Step 3: Once you are on the settings app, you can see the various settings options. Scroll down to the option ‘iTunes & App Store ’ and tap on it.

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Step 4: Once inside this setting, you will see the Sign In option right on the top. Tap this option. This is where you can sign into your iTunes on your iPhone.

Step 5: You will be prompted to enter the Apple ID and Password. As stated already, the iTunes and Apple ID are the same. Therefore, you can enter the iTunes login information and tap on Sign In at the bottom.

Step 6: You may be asked to verify your identity by entering the verification code sent to your registered email or Phone number in some cases. If so, you can input the verification code and verify it.

Step 7: Once you are verified, you are now logged into iTunes on your iPhone. 

Now you can use the same ID and Password on all the Apple services when it asks you for the ID and Password. So, for example, if you want to access the music from your iTunes account, you can now simply download the Apple music and use the same ID and Password to log into it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The iTunes Account The Same As Apple ID?

Yes, the iTunes account and the Apple Account are the same things. The Apple ID is the email address you use in the Apple account. If you already have an iTunes account, you can use the same account information to log into the Apple account on your Apple devices.

This is because Apple has now changed how you can access the iTunes store. So you can use the Same Apple ID to access the various files from the iTunes store but using different Apps. So, for example, you can use the Apple Music app on your iPhone to access the music files from your iTunes library.

Does iTunes Exist Anymore?

Yes, iTunes still exists, but Apple is in the process of Phasing out iTunes to create a singular account for all the Apple services while using several Apps for several types of content. 

For example, you can use the same ID and Password across all the Apple services, such as Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, Photos, Apple Books, etc. but need the associated app on your iPhone to access it. It is a much easier process and helps navigate the ecosystem easier. Although iTunes may exist for a little longer, you will have various options to access the iTunes library using your iPhones or any other Apple devices.

Where Can I Find My iTunes Account?

Your iTunes account is the same as the Apple ID. So, if you already know your Apple ID and Password, that is the same. But if you do not know your iTunes account, simply open your iTunes app on your Mac>Account > View My Account. You will see the iTunes ID here.

Or you can open the Settings App on your iPhone and see the Account information at the top of the settings app. You may not be able to see the Passwords for the iTunes account anywhere, but if you want, you can click the Forget Password button and reset the Password for the iTunes account.

Is Apple Music And iTunes The Same?

Apple Music and iTunes are almost the same but also different. An iTunes library has all sorts of files such as Music, Videos, Books, Photos, etc., but Apple Music only has the Music files you bought.

You can also access the music files on iTunes using the Apple Music app. Similarly, you can use Apple TV to access the video files and Apple Podcasts to access the Podcasts from the iTunes library.

Where Do I Find My iTunes Library?

To find your iTunes library, you must either use your PC to open the iTunes app or log into it. Once logged in, choose the Library option from the pop-up that appears.

But if you want to find your iTunes library using your iPhone, you need to use the specific app to access the file you want. For example, if you want to access the music files from your iTunes library, use the Apple Music app on your iPhone and log into it.

Conclusion On Sign In to iTunes On iPhone

Therefore, the answer to your ‘How to sign into iTunes on iPhone?’ is very simple. You can simply open your settings app and go to iTunes & App Store to log into your iTunes account.

But if you want to access a certain file or file types from the iTunes library, you need to use the associated app. For example, use Apple Music to access the Music files on your iTunes.

Hope we answered your Question and provided you with valuable information.

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