How to Skype on PS4?

Skype is a popular tool to communicate with your friends, family, and other workgroups, but have you ever thought of using it over PlayStation4 as it can help you communicate with your gaming buddies worldwide? But the million-dollar question is, can we skype over PS4? 

So, let’s get to know this.

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Steps to Skype on PS4

Many people use PlayStation4 for online engagement with distant buddies to relax their minds. During the gameplay, people also want to communicate over skype with their gaming buddies to discuss their strategies or for other interactions. Still, it is quite unfortunate that we have limited options as Sony ended its support with Skype on 22 June 2016.

But that is not the end of the world as we have brought some other way to access Skype over PS4. For which you need to follow the methods below:

Method # 1: By Web Browser 

If you want to use or communicate with Skype over PS4, then the easiest way is by using your web browser, for which you need to follow the below steps:

Opening a Browser To Skype On PS4

1: First, create a Skype account (If you are not already using it).

2: Now “Turn On” PlayStation4 and wait till the home screen appears

3: From the “Home Screen,” locate the content area where all applications, games, and other programs reside.

4: Locate the “Internet Browser” by scrolling toward the right side.

5: You will find the “WWW” icon with a “Start” button.

6: Tap this icon with the “X” button from your controller.

7: It will open a new browser window.

8: In case you are unable to find the browser icon in the content area, you need to go to the library

9: You will have the Internet Browser icon under Applications.

10: Once you reach the browser, you need to press the R2 button to open a new window, and to navigate to the previous window, press L2 from the PS4 gaming controller.

Accessing the Skype

1: Once you have opened the Internet Browser, now go for accessing Skype. 

2: To access Skype, you need to open a new window by pressing R2 from the controller 

3: Move to the address bar, which you will find on the top of the window with the “Enter URL” label.

4: Press the X button to open the on-screen keyboard.

5: With the help of an on-screen keyboard, type the URL  

6: After typing the URL, press X from the controller

7: Once the webpage has been loaded, it will ask you to enter the skype id

8: Enter your Skype id and press “Next”

9: On the next page, enter your password and press “Sign in”

10: After signing in, it will redirect you to the next page, where you can choose whether you want to stay signed in on this device or not. You need to select a “Yes” or “No” option as per your choice (we recommend you choose “No” so no one can use your skype id in your absence.

11: Congratulations! You have successfully signed into a Skype account on PlayStation4.

As the PlayStation 4 browser has functionality limits, there is a strong chance you might face difficulty. We recommend you use a VPN service that you can easily download from the PlayStation store.


Can we set up a video call during the gameplay on PlayStation 4?

Yes, you can communicate with your gaming buddies while playing any game, but for this, you must have a USB camera and headset with you.

 Why is it difficult to use Skype on PS4?

As per the statement released by Sony computer entertainment dated 22nd June 2016, they have ended the Skype application for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable, and users will no longer download this application from PlayStation Store.

 Can we time limit a game on PlayStation 4?

Fortunately, Sony allowed us to set a time limit on games which will help us to restrict the overuse. This feature is quite helpful if we want to control the playing time for our children.

What was the last version of PlayStation that had the Skype facility?

Before 22nd June 2016, Skype was available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. But after this date, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc ended its support for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable and did not even offer any further support to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

 How to can I use Skype on PlayStation 4 console?

Although PlayStation does not natively support Skype, you can still use it using the web interface for which you need to access the PlayStation browser and open the URL, after which you need to sign in to your account, and you are good to go. (Remember, you may need a headset, webcam, and in some conditions, a VPN to communicate over Skype).


PlayStation is popular among gamers of every age, gender, and nationality, and they also like to communicate with fellow gamers. But it is pretty frustrating that PlayStation 4 does not natively support Skype, a handy communication application. People would love to use it during the PlayStation 3 days.

Although Skype is quite excited to collaborate with the PlayStation still, it is not available over the platform yet. This is the reason we have figured out the other way around and recommended the web version of Skype. We hope that sooner or later, both Skype and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc will collaborate.

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