How To Split Screen On iPhone?

Are you curious about using the split-screen feature on the iPhone? Do you want to know where the feature is located on the iPhone so you can use it? If yes, then we have rich information in this article about the feature of the iPhone. 

You can learn to get the split-screen feature if you stay with us till the end. Let’s begin with the article. 

How To Split Screen On iPhone?

The split-screen in an iPhone is twice as productive and valuable as the entire fullscreen. With the split-screen feature, you can use two apps at one time on your screen. For example, you can browse two websites and two different menus simultaneously with this feature on iPhone. 

This feature of the iPhone will make you the multitasker and manager to do more than one thing at a time. You can learn to use the feature of the iPhone and everything else that is required. Most iOS users do not know how to use the superb feature of the iPhone properly.

Nonetheless, we will show you how to discover the split-screen feature and how to use it. Before starting, we want you to know that this feature is unavailable for all iPhone models. 

The iPhone Max, suffix plus, and the iPhone Max are the models in which you can use the split-screen feature.

Step 1- Go to the app store

From the main menu, find the app store. Now, search for a split web browser.

iphone app store search

Step 2- Start downloading it

When you see the split web browser, tap on it. 

search on split web browser in app store

Step 3- open the application

Now be patient and wait for the application till it gets downloaded on your phone.

How to Split Screen On iPhone?

Step 4- now search for the applications

Enter the URL of the application you want to see on the split screen, and you are good to go.

facebook home page and chrome home. spit screen

You have successfully learned to use the Split-screen feature on your iPhone device. Now you can enjoy two apps at the same time. This feature also divides your work and helps you look at two websites simultaneously.

What Apps Can Be Used In The Split-Screen Feature?

When you use this feature of the iPhone, you can use more than one app at once. You can open YouTube, mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, notifications, calendar, time, reminders, messages, settings, contacts, and multiple other apps. 


Can you use the split-screen feature on iPhone to view two contents simultaneously?

Yes, iPhone can use the split-screen feature and view two different types of content simultaneously. It makes your screen time more enjoyable and relaxing when you can open more than one app on your screen. You will find a lot of apps in the app store that is specially designed to use the split-screen feature of an iPhone. 

Is it possible to multitask my iPhone by using the split-screen feature?

Yes, you can multitask your iPhone by using the split-screen feature. You can arrange the apps in your iPhone that you frequently use on the split-screen so that you can line up the way you like. On the other hand, you can also line up the websites you are working on to use them with split-screen.

Does the iPhone allow split-screen on the small screen?

The iPhone has many features you can enjoy, but unfortunately, the split-screen feature for the small screens in the iPhone is not one of them. You cannot split your screen if you are using an iPhone 6. However, if you are using an iPhone 6S Plus or 7S, you can use the split-screen feature. This is because the models of the iPhone after the 6s or 7s and onwards have more giant screens. 

Summing Up

We have presented a complete article that will teach you to use this awesome feature on an iPhone. We are sure this article will help you enable your settings to use this feature in your iPhone. As you must have read the steps mentioned above and learned how to enable the feature, you can apply it to your iPhone immediately and can share it with friends.

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