How To Take Screenshot In FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV has been one of the most popular online multiplayer games since its release 12 years ago. The game’s popularity increases time by time due to its enhanced features and graphics with unique characters displayed. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Take Screenshot In FFXIV.

Sometimes as a content creator on different social media platforms, you want to show your unique character to your audience. Or maybe you want to keep your character’s skins pictures in your gallery for your collection.

There comes an issue when the thing you want to do cannot be done by the simple shortcut keyboard keys in your Windows. Then you might wonder how to screenshot FFXIV within the game settings. 

You will learn the method to take screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV in this article if you keep reading it until the end. 

So, let’s dig deeper inside the article to discover the only possible way to capture your game screen and display your favorite character.

What Is FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively role-playing and online action game worldwide. The game is a masterpiece of art regarding its characters, designs, and the world where you play with other worldwide players.

Behind this masterpiece, the Master of Art is Square Enix, the publisher of this FFXIV. You have unique roles in the game through which you battle and meet with other players online in the fantasy world.

If you are a social media enthusiast and have a big following because of your gaming background, then you probably want to share your gaming progress with your fans.

You might get into trouble taking screenshots during this online gameplay due to inside-game algorithm restrictions. That is why we have brought you this step-by-step guide to explore the proper method to capture your favorite game character.

Steps To Take Screenshot FFXIV

You must focus on the following steps to take proper high-quality screenshots while playing FFXIV. 

  1. Open System Settings
How To Take Screenshot In FFXIV

In the main game interface, you need to open the system settings. You can open the system settings by clicking on the system option at the bar at the screen’s bottom center.

  1. Select Keybind Option
How To Take Screenshot In FFXIV

After selecting the system settings, a list will pop up with multiple options. You need to locate the keybinding option and click on it.

  1. Click On System Button
How To Take Screenshot In FFXIV

After opening the keybind, you will have a series of options list with multiple features in a new window screen. You must click the system button given at the first number in the second line.

  1. Turn On Toggle UI Display Mode
Turn On Toggle UI Display Mode

In the system settings, scroll down the list and locate the toggle UI display mode option. You can set the right key from your keyboard if no key is assigned to this feature.

  1. Enter Group Pose For Better Picture Settings
How To Take Screenshot In FFXIV

Now press the following command in the screenshot above: right mouse click + Num pad*. This Numpad is the key that could be any that you assign to the toggle UI display mode in the previous step.

You can give the command in the command section at the bottom left side of the screen.

  1. Open System Settings
Open System Settings

Now while main gameplay, where you want to take screenshots of your screen, open system settings. The system settings are given in the screen’s bottom right corner. In the list, the last option on which you must take the cursor and click on it.

Open Other Settings

How To Take Screenshot In FFXIV

When a new pop-up window appears, you must click on the three lines option in the list on the left side. You will need to put the address where you can save your screenshots during the game. 

In the options, you can also select the quality or format of your screenshot above.

  1. Open Document Folder On Your PC
Open Document Folder On Your PC

Open This PC on your laptop or desktop and select the document folder in the list. In the document folder, locate my games folder and open it. You will see the FFXIV folder name; click on it and open the screenshot file.

Copy Address

How To Take Screenshot In FFXIV

In the properties of the screenshot file, copy the file address and paste it into the desired path in the game-required section. Click on ok and execute the process. 

Now all your FFXIV-enhanced screenshots will save in that folder whenever you press the screenshot default window keys from your keyboard.

FAQs On Screenshots in FFXIV

How Can You Save Screenshot Playing FFXIV PC?

You can save a screenshot while playing FFXIV by following the steps below:
1. Open system settings
2. Turn on the toggle UI display mode
3. Take the screenshot by pressing the windows shortcut keys (Win + Print Screen)
4. Open system configuration
5. Choose the path in other settings
6. Copy the screenshot address from my games folder in the documents on this PC
7. Paste the address in the path file of the game settings

How Do I Locate My Screenshots Taken In FFXIV?

You can quickly locate your screenshots taken by you in FFXIV by following the steps below:
1. Take a screenshot during the gameplay
2. Open This PC on your Windows
3. Click on the documents folder
4. Locate my games folder and open it
5. Find the FFXIV folder and click on it
6. All your Final Fantasy XIV game screenshots will save in that folder

What Do Print Screen And Windows Key Work In FFXIV?

Commonly when you press the print screen and windows keys together, a screen will capture and save in the pictures folder by default by your window.

How Do I Take FFXIV Screenshots In Windows?

You can take FFXIV screenshots on your laptop or PC by pressing the default assigned buttons.
The shortcut buttons vary from model to model of your system. It could be ALT+ Print Screen or Win + Print Screen.

How Do I Take Screenshot Of FFXIV On My Hp Laptop?

You can take FFXIV screenshots on your Hp laptop by pressing some default buttons. On a Hp laptop, the Win + Print Screen button helps you to capture the current opened screen. The format of your screenshot will be .png by default.


Taking screenshots while playing Final Fantasy XIV to show your progress to your fans or friends is relatively easy. But to ensure the quality is good and no gaming interface is involved, you must read the whole article.

If you are having an issue that your game is not taking screenshots, follow our guide above about screenshot FFXIV. 

If you like the above content, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment below. Also, check our blog section to find out more valuable guides.

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