How To Tell If Someone’s iPhone Is Off When Texting?

It is a very common occurrence that you text someone, and their phone is off. Android phones and iPhones have different experiences regarding texting and how they deliver messages. But not many people know how to tell if someone’s iPhone is off when texting.

The different forms of texting on the iPhone, such as SMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp, tells you differently when the person you are texting has their iPhone off. Most of the time, the text does not send, and other times, it simply remains as sent and not delivered or read. You can tell if someone’s iPhone is off by reading the status of the text on SMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp.

If you have no idea how to tell if someone’s iPhone is off when texting, this article is for you. We have scoured the internet and found different ways to guess and tell if someone’s iPhone is off when texting.

You may also learn how to tell if someone switched off their location on their iPhone.

How To Tell If Someone’s iPhone Is Off When Texting?

Most of us use texting as a major means of communication. But sometimes, when we send a message to someone, we do not get a reply and assume the person did not receive the message or is simply unavailable. 

Although this is true, many people may be out-of-network or simply not have their phones. But once in a while, they may be ignoring you and are still receiving the message and not replying. So how do you differentiate between these things? 

One simple way is to check if their iPhone is off or not. If their iPhone is not off, they may be out of network or simply not replying to you. One of the best ways to know is to check if the text you sent has been delivered or not. 

Whenever we text someone, there are three scenarios, i.e., Sent, Delivered, and Read/Seen. 

Sent is shown when the text is sent from your device, but there is no information on if the message is received by the other person or not. 

Delivered is shown when the message is delivered to the other person’s device but has not yet been opened. 

The Read/Seen is shown when the receiver receives and reads the message.

All of these scenarios are for different texting apps in different ways. But we will only talk about SMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp as they are the most popular ones, and most people use one of these three if not more than one.

How To Tell If Someone’s iPhone Is Off On SMS?

Although you can use the iMessage function when sending a text to another iPhone user. But every message sent to non-iOS devices will go through the SMS method. This is because the iPhone uses the carrier to send and receive text messages in this method.

So, if you are using the SMS method to send a text, you can distinguish and tell if someone’s iPhone is off or not by simply checking the status of your message. Just like in any other Android phone, if an SMS text is not sent to the recipient, the carrier will inform you with the message not sent notification.

And if you receive the Message not sent error, it must be because the receiver’s iPhone is off and the carrier could not deliver the message. So if you constantly receive this error message from the carrier, even when trying to send the text multiple times, you can be assured that the user’s iPhone is switched off.

How To Tell If Someone’s iPhone Is Off On iMessage?

Like the SMS method, iMessage also tells you that the message cannot be delivered even though the message is already sent from your device. For example, if the iPhone cannot deliver a message, iMessage will notify you and suggest you send them the text through the SMS method.

However, getting the ‘Your iMessage Hasn’t Been Sent’ notification on iMessage does not always mean that their iPhone is off. It may also be because their iPhone is not connected to the internet.

You can simply try sending the text multiple times on iMessage, and if the problem persists, we can assume that their iPhone is off. A switched-off iPhone will not be able to receive the sent message, and the iMessage app will display the error message to you.

How To Tell If Someone’s iPhone Is Off On WhatsApp?

In the context of WhatsApp also, the delivery methods work the same. So if you create a text message and send it through WhatsApp to your friend, they will receive it when they have their WhatsApp connected or your iPhone turned On.

If you do not see the delivered button on the message, it means your friend is not connected to the internet or switched off. So, you can tell if someone’s iPhone of Off When texting.


Does iMessage Turn Green When The iPhone Is Off?

No, the iMessage only turns green when the message is sent as an SMS or to a device other than Apple. If the receiving device is an Apple device, your text is sent through iMessage rather than SMS.

However, if your iMessage is working properly, you should not be able to see these texts.

Why Would An iMessage Turn Green?

If a message turns green, then the message is sent through SMS, not iPhone. Also, green-labeled messages on iPhones indicate that the iMessage function is turned off and the iPhone uses the SMS method to send and receive messages.

What Does A Text Look Like When You Are Blocked?

The text will be sent as usual when you are blocked. But it will not deliver the message. This is why you will never know if you have been blocked. In some apps, you will not be able to send the message, but when it comes to iPhone’s iMessage, your phone will still show the message as sent or delivered while the other person will never receive it.

Why Are My Text Messages Green Instead Of Blue?

If your text message is green instead of blue, it means you either sent the text message using the SMS function or the person you are sending the message to using a non-Apple device. Blue indicates that the message is sent using iMessage, which is unavailable on devices other than Apple.

Will iMessage Deliver If Blocked?

If you send an iMessage to any person who has blocked you, your iPhone will show it as delivered, but the other person will not receive the message. Although the color will remain blue and show as delivered, the message is not delivered to the person.


Therefore, the answer is that you cannot tell it with precision but can see the message’s delivery status. If someone’s iPhone is off, your message will just show as sent but not delivered. This happens if the person is out of network or has their phone off.

However, you can call them, which will tell you if their iPhone is switched off or simply out of network. 

Hope we answered your question and provided valuable information.

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