How To Throw People In Gang Beasts Xbox?

You love Gang Beasts. You’ve played it forever, you know how to throw people around, and you’ve even perfected the art of throwing yourself into a pit of death. But have you ever wanted to toss your friends into a realm of beatings and bruises? Do you wonder how to throw people in gang-beasts Xbox? In this guide, we’ll teach you how to play Gang Beasts with friends so that everyone can enjoy the game together!

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To Throw Someone Off The Edge

The right bumper is the button you need to press. Remember that you can also throw someone off the edge by pressing the A button on your controller or the B button on your controller. It is important that you remember all of these different ways of throwing people off because it will help you win games in Gang Beasts Xbox.

To Throw Someone Off The Map

You’ll need to get them to the edge of the arena. To do this, push them toward an edge and then tap on the right trigger to grab them. Then, quickly tap on your left trigger (this will be mapped to A by default). If you miss and they fall off the map, restart from the checkpoint.

To Throw Someone Into A Danger Zone

To throw someone into a danger zone, press the left trigger. Then, while still holding down the left trigger and pressing the right trigger, move your character’s arm forward with the right analog stick. If you’re successful at throwing your opponent into a hazard, they will be knocked out for 10 seconds, and you’ll earn points!

To Dropkick In Gang Beasts Xbox

To dropkick in Gang Beasts Xbox, press the D-pad in the direction of your enemy. This will make you leap forwards and kick them with both feet.

If you are using a controller, hold down on the Left Stick and press A to perform this move.

Takeaway To Throw people in gang beasts Xbox.

  • To Throw Someone Off The Edge:

When on a platform, you can throw players off the edge by pressing your “throw” button (G) and aiming out over the edge of the map. If successful, they will fall down into an area below and be unable to get back up until they respawn.

  • To Throw Someone Off The Map:

When at an edge in Gang Beasts Xbox (or near one), press G to grab your opponent and then press A to throw them away from you in any direction desired — but most commonly towards a danger zone like fire or poison!

Gang Beasts Xbox is a fun and entertaining game. It’s a great way to spend your time with friends and family members. You can also throw people if you want to make the game even more exciting!  If you’re looking for even more tips on how to play well, then check out our other guides, such as How To Throw People Off The Edge In Gang Beasts Xbox? , How To Throw Someone Off The Map In Gang Beasts Xbox? or How To Dropkick In Gang Beasts Xbox.

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