How To Track An Instagram Account Location?

For enormous reasons, people tend to find out ways to track an Instagram account location. Instagram offers its users one of the simplest built-in features that allow users to track down another user’s location. Being a regular Instagram user, you must have seen the location option for every picture they have to post. When a user adds the location where the picture was clicked, it is shown as the picture below. Now let’s see how to track Instagram account location.

 find out ways for track an Instagram account location

With this simple method, just by checking recent posts, or stories of a particular account, you can track down the location of an Instagram account. You can also check the method to share a full reel on your Instagram story.

Instagram doesn’t have any feature for its users to breach other accounts’ privacy by trying to track their location.

There can be an issue regarding the accuracy because Instagram cannot bound its users to display the authentic location. It just allows the users to fill the “Add Location” field, which can be left blank too. So most of the users with a private account may not display their location on account of their privacy concerns. 

How To Track An Instagram Account Location

To find out the location of an Instagram account organically with the help of the social app’s built-in feature can be inaccurate for a few reasons. 

  • People can display in the “Add Location” field whatever they desire. There is no way to evaluate their accuracy, and moreover, they are allowed to leave the area blank. 
  • If you still have to track the exact location of an Instagram account, you can use third-party apps for free. In some cases with a small amount of money, depending on the requirements of the particular app. 
  • From the google play store, you can download different location tracking apps. This app can help you in real-time tracking of your Instagram account. There are numerous apps available that not only help in tracking the location of an Instagram account, but you can also conveniently find the IP Address of the account you want to know.


Can I trace an Instagram location?

Yes, you can trace someone’s Instagram location if you know the exact username, email address, or phone number.

What is the easiest way to track someone’s location on Instagram?

The easiest way to track someone’s location is to check their posts where they have mentioned their location under the user name.

Can anyone track my data on Instagram?

No another individual, but the Instagram app itself does track your data for so many reasons including personalizing your experience at the app and showing you relevant ads.

Can someone stalk my account on Instagram?

Yes, if you have a public account on Instagram, people can stalk you by putting your username in the search bar, and opening your account to see whatever you have uploaded.

Can I see my active followers on Instagram?

Yes, you can see active followers by seeing their recent posts, where the date of posting is mentioned by the Instagram app, or you can see the stories shared by your followers that will help you assess whether they are active or not.

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