How To Track iPhone Location History?

The Apple iPhone is among the most advanced personal gadgets on the market. Yet, many iPhone owners are not reaping the maximum benefit of their devices. iPhones, for instance, save precise geographical history data that might be valuable in various situations. Explore your iPhone or iPad and check your location history whenever you wonder about your previous week’s whereabouts. In this article, we’ll show you How To Track iPhone Location History.

Step-by-Step To Track iPhone Location History

Location trackers use  GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cell towers to track your whereabouts. You can know where your smartphone has gone by inspecting the history of applications that have tracking permissions. Here are three ways you can track your location history on your iPhone.

Option 1: Use your iPhone Setting to locate your movements

  1. Go to your settings on your iPhone device
How To Track iPhone Location History
  1. After you’ve clicked on the settings icon, tap on the Privacy option from the list that appears.
How To Track iPhone Location History
  1. Tap Location services on the next page
Tap Location services on the next page
  1. In the Location services page, scroll down and choose the System Services option.
In the Location services page, scroll down and choose the System Services option
  1. Find. and press on Significant Locations.
How To Track iPhone Location History
  1. Choose History.

You can see your departure and arrival time stamps in the location records. Select the city of interest. Assuming you had already designated places on your smartphone, your toured cities are on display instead of street identifiers.

Option 2: Use iPhone google map to see your location history

You may visit the mobile phone app’s Google Maps Timeframes page on the iPhone. The timeline mode displays details about the locations you went to, the length of time you spent at each place, and the time you used. You’ll also find all your holiday photos here when you use Google Images. Use a desktop or laptop computer for the optimal viewing effect.

  1.  Launch Google Maps and select your profile photograph.
  2.  Find and hit Timeline on the top left side of the display.

Every day, you may obtain a thorough analysis of your travel statistics. Inside the map view on the side, you’ll view your journey.

How to view Google Maps’ location information?

Google Maps’ capacity to follow your position depends on your privacy status. For instance, you may tell Google to track where you are when using the application or all the time. Should you need to view Google Maps’ location information, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then  Privacy, followed by Location Services, and then Google Maps. 
  2. All this is on your iPad or iPhone and toggle the option to Always.

Option 3: Evaluating Location History on iPhone for Apple Maps 

  1. Open Apple Maps.
  2. Scroll up on the Apple Maps home screen.
  3. In the Recent Searches category, select See All to view all current results.
  4. Select a place to obtain turn-by-turn navigation.
  5. If the target place is not visible, the exit and the address name are in the search area.

FAQs on iPhone’s Location History

What length of time does the iPhone store its location history?

iPhone saves your location information for three years. Your iPhone instantly deletes Location History older than 36 months, 18 months, or three months. Click Automatically erase Location Data in “Location settings.

Is it Possible to View Someone’s Location Information?

Nobody else can access your Google Maps GPS location unless you disclose your geolocation to other Maps consumers.

Can I access my iPhone’s location data using iCloud?

If you’ve set “find my iPhone enabled,” you may check your iPhone’s present situation by signing into Open settings proceed to privacy, location services, and significant places to locate essential areas.

How can I track down someone else’s iPhone?

Try using signing into Look for a web browser to locate a misplaced iPad, iPhone,  iPod touch,  Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods product, or compatible Beats commodity.

How do I view the entire history in Apple Maps?

Enter a search term in the Maps program or slide to Recents. To view results in Maps, choose them from the list.

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