How to transfer Xbox account to new email?

Replacing email accounts with new ones is different for different platforms; for instance, they require a few simple steps if we talk about social media platforms. The same is the case with your Xbox account.

Xbox is a gaming console created and owned by Microsoft, launched in 2001 with its basic version. A gaming console means it can be connected with your television or another displaying source to provide you with a unique experience of gaming. 

Don’t worry if your previous Xbox email has been hacked or you want to transfer your Xbox account to a new email; this article will give you simple steps along with illustrations to make things clear. 

Steps to transfer an Xbox account to a new email

You can move the Xbox account to a different email address if you change the current one. You will need access to both the new email address and the old Xbox account details. That is how:

  1. Use the original email id to sign in to the previous Xbox account.

How to transfer Xbox account to new email

2. On the top menu, click the “Account” tab.

On the top menu click the Account tab

3. Click “Manage accounts” underAccount details.”

Click Manage accounts under Account details

4. Click the “Settings” button icon under “Your Xbox account” on the “Manage accounts” page.

Click the Settings button icon under

5. Type in the new email address under “Email address” and press “Update.”

How to transfer Xbox account to new email

6. Verify that the new email address is accurate and click “Save” on the following screen.

How to transfer Xbox account to new email

FAQs on Xbox Account

Can I use a Gmail account for XBOX?

For your Xbox account, you can use Gmail. It can be used as a contact email and an alias. Visit and select “Account Aliases.” You can add things like *** Email address removed to privacy ***, etc. 

How do I recover my old Xbox account?

A previous Xbox account cannot be reliably recovered because it’s possible that Microsoft removed all of the account’s related data. There are several things you can try, though. To determine whether Microsoft has any records of it, try using your email or other account-related contact information first.

Can you modify the Xbox account’s email without deleting everything?

You do not have to lose anything if you want to alter the email associated with the Xbox account. Choose My Apps and Games Account>Settings from the home screen. Enter the newest email address in the “Email address” field. Selecting the Gamertag and clicking Save will keep it. Leave it empty if not, then click Save.

Can two Xbox accounts be combined?

1. Use the main Xbox LIVE account to log into the Xbox 360.
2. Choose Settings on the Home screen.
3. Click My Xbox Online Account under Accounts.
4 Choosing Edit Profile.
5. Enter the old email address under the Email Address on the left side of the screen. 
6. Enter the password for the previous Xbox. 
7. Click Save Modifications.

How can I remove a Microsoft account from an Xbox account?

You must first log in to the Xbox website to remove an Xbox account from the Microsoft account. After logging in, pick “Delete Profile” from the menu under “Manage Profile.” Your Xbox identity will be deactivated after you confirm the choice which will be requested.

Keep your Xbox Account Updated

There are a few procedures you must take to maintain the Xbox account connected and active if you are going to change email addresses or if the existing email address is just no longer functional for whatever reason. Logging into the Xbox account on the site where you registered it initially should be your top priority. After that, select “Account Details,” then “Your Info,” and then “Email Address,” where you should type in the new address. To ensure that the changes are applied to all of the devices connected to that Xbox account, make sure to click the “Save Changes” option at the end.

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