How to Translate Instagram Comments?

In recent years, Instagram has gained more followers due to its popularity. As Instagram is used worldwide, users of different languages comment on posts, leaving us curious about the meaning of those comments. In this guide, I’ll show you How to Translate Instagram Comments.

This is when you question how to translate Instagram comments. There are many ways one can translate Instagram comments.

Read on to find out how to translate Instagram comments easily.

Translating Instagram Comments Through Mobile Phone

Anyone on Instagram can easily translate profile bios and image captions written into a foreign language using a built-in Instagram translator using a cellphone.

Follow this step-by-step guide to translate foreign language Instagram photo captions into your default language:

  1. Head to the Instagram app and the post whose caption you want to translate.
  2. Look at the post’s timestamp at the bottom left corner of the screen. Opposite to timestamp, press “see translation” to translate the text into your language.
How to Translate Instagram Comments
Head to the Instagram app and the post whose caption

Instagram does not support translating comments through cell phones. Instagram users will have to wait long before seeing comments in their preferred language on the app.

In the meantime, users can utilize third-party apps and websites to translate foreign language comments. All they have to do is to copy the text and paste it into a third-party translation app. They can also use Google translate to detect the language and translate it into any of your preferred languages. 

Translating Instagram Comments Through Desktop

Through the desktop, users can easily translate Instagram comments and image captions. Follow these steps to see the meaning of foreign language comments on Instagram:

  1. To translate comments and captions, open the post using the web browser on Instagram.
  2. Press “See translation” opposite the timestamp to see the translation of the caption. For comments, click on “see translation” next to “reply.”
How to Translate Instagram Comments

FAQs On Translating Instagram Comments

How do I enable translation on Instagram?

You can only translate image captions and profile bios using a mobile phone. However, if you want to see translated comments, you must use Instagram on a desktop. To see the translation of image captions, press “see translation” beside timestamp, and for comments, press “see translation” opposite “reply.”

Why is an Instagram translation not working?

In some cases, Instagram translation stops working because Instagram doesn’t support the foreign language you want to translate. Nevertheless, if Instagram supports the language and Instagram still doesn’t work, it might be a bug.

Does Instagram automatically translate?

Instagram has introduced a new feature for translating a foreign language into your native language. Now users will have the “see translation” option whenever there is a foreign language text.

How do you copy Instagram comments?

Open the post on Instagram whose comment you wish to copy on a browser. Long press the comment and drag the text cursor to select the whole comment. Press “copy” to copy the text to the clipboard.

Does Instagram automatically translate into DMs?

No, Instagram doesn’t automatically translate DMs. However, Instagram is launching a new feature of translating direct messages automatically.

Why can’t I copy Instagram comments?

The Instagram app, both on Android and iOS, doesn’t let users copy comments. Furthermore, IG doesn’t offer any option to copy comments. You can do so using a browser.

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