How To Turn Off Auto Play on Instagram?

Instagram has grown from a networking application to a marketing app where people post numerous videos about their day-to-day activities. Once you open Instagram and start playing a video, it automatically continues to play other videos online. This can be disadvantageous when you want to use minimal data, especially when connected to a mobile network. Because Instagram videos play one after another, you may find it necessary to disable this auto-play feature in Instagram. If that is what you want to achieve, read this article for simple ways.

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How to Turn Off Auto Play on Instagram in 2 Ways

When you don’t like the auto-play of videos on Instagram, you may look for ways to disable the feature. The automatic playing of videos has caused a lot of data consumption, which disadvantages many users using a limited network connection. Unfortunately, Instagram has not offered a feature for turning off this feature of videos. 

However, that does not mean you won’t turn the feature off because various tricks have been introduced to enable users to stop videos from auto-playing. Let’s look at two such ways you can use to achieve it.

Method 1: Turn Off Auto Play on Instagram Using a Browser

You will notice the videos play automatically without clicking when using Instagram via the mobile application. This can be bad if you don’t want to play all videos. But the good news is that you can overcome this feature when you access Instagram through the website. 

Most social media platforms allow their apps to be accepted via a web browser, where you don’t have to install the mobile app. The mobile app is famous for its numerous features, but if you want to see video auto-playing, it is advisable to access Instagram via a browser. You can follow the steps below to stop the autoplay of videos:

  1. Open a browser on a mobile phone or computer. 
  2.  Open the Instagram webpage by typing in the search space.
  3. Use your Instagram credentials to log into the account.
  4. Navigate the Instagram feed without the auto-playing of videos.
  5. If you want to play a video, tap on it manually.

This is the surest way of turning off autoplay on Instagram, but it has its downsides, like lacking many features with the mobile app.

Method 2: Turn On Data Saver to Turn Off auto Play on Instagram

Turning on a data saver does not guarantee that autoplay will be stopped on Instagram, but it is an excellent way to save your data. When you don’t want to access Instagram on a website because of the features the mobile app offers, this method is recommended as data will get conserved, preventing videos from playing automatically.

If you want to try enabling data saver, the steps as shown below:

  1. Launch the Instagram mobile application. 
  2. Go to the Settings section by clicking on the profile icon and tapping the three-line icon.
Go to the Settings section by clicking on the profile icon and tapping the three-line icon.
  1. Select the Account option.
Select the Account option.
  1. Scroll downwards and select the cellular data use option.
Scroll downwards and select the cellular data use option.
  1. If the data saver is disabled, toggle the button to turn it on.
If the data saver is disabled, toggle the button to turn it on.

Once you complete the above steps, Instagram will not consume much data unless connected to Wi-Fi. In doing so, it will prevent the auto-paly of Instagram videos.


Can I Turn Off Auto Play on Instagram?

Instagram has a feature that allows videos to autoplay whenever you are browsing on the Instagram mobile app. You can access Instagram using a web browser if you want to disable the feature. Instagram on a web browser does not automatically play videos unless you tap on them. If you want to get rid of autoplay, use Instagram on a web browser. Also, you can try turning on the data saver on the Instagram application if you don’t want to use a web browser to access Instagram.

What Will Happen If I Turn on Data aver on Instagram?

The data saver feature has been used to stop autoplay on Instagram. Unfortunately, sometimes videos auto-play but in low quality. The data saver feature prevents much data usage while browsing through posts on the platform. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, the videos will be blurred.

Is it Important to Disable Auto Play on Instagram?

Autoplay is a feature on Instagram where videos get played without being selected. But this feature is not suitable, especially when you may find offensive videos getting played. It gives users authority when they choose what to play, and the auto-play feature does not give authority. Moreover, turning off the feature when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network is essential. In such a case, you may wish to monitor how your data get used.

Can I Disable Auto Play on Facebook?

Facebook is a famous app like Instagram that allows videos to be played when you have not disabled the auto-play feature. The good news is that Facebook allows users to turn off the feature from a website or mobile application. If you are accessing Facebook via the mobile app, go to the settings and videos section. You will see a feature for auto-playing videos. Please disable it.

What Does the Auto Play Feature Do on Social Media Platforms?

If you are a person using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, you know how the platform has numerous videos to play. In most platforms, the autoplay feature is enabled, meaning a video will get played without you tapping it. The feature prevented users from stressing themselves by setting up every video they saw. If you don’t want the feature, you can turn it off from the application of your platform.


Instagram is the best platform with multiple exciting videos. The videos always get played automatically, which may consume much of your data when using mobile data. If you have had issues with disabling auto play on Instagram, read this post to discover two tricks to deal with the issue!

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