How To Turn Off Burst Mode On iPhone?

Burst mode on iPhone? The burst mode on iPhone is one of the most exciting features of this new phone. However, not everyone loves it.

Burst Mode on iPhone can be irritating when it captures some unwanted area or person. After losing a couple of good pictures and a lot of battery life, you wonder how to turn it off on your iPhone.

If you want to turn off the burst mode on your iPhone and various models, avoid capturing unwanted pictures with your iPhone. 

Here in this article, you will learn about the only possible way to turn off burst mode on your iPhone.

So let’s jump into the article to explore the legitimate method to turn off burst mode on iPhone.

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What Is Burst Mode Of Camera, And How To Turn Off Burst Mode On iPhone?

Burst mode on iPhone is a camera feature that takes several photos in a very short amount of time. When you press the shutter button down halfway, the phone captures a few frames and combines them into a single image for you.

Using burst mode on your iPhone is fun to capture action shots and other great moments. 

But at some point, it becomes cumbersome when the camera keeps taking pictures repeatedly. As a result, you end up with many uninteresting photos or are out of focus.

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t reveal any option to turn off the burst mode on your iPhone camera. So it would be best if you take other precautions to avoid the multiple capturing features of the iPhone camera simultaneously.

Take a look at this step-by-step guide below, showing you how to solve the problem quickly and easily while keeping all the photos shot in burst mode.

Steps To Turn Off Burst Mode On iPhone

You need to follow the quick, easy, simple steps that somehow allow you to avoid burst mode on your iPhone for a moment. So let’s jump into the guide and follow each step below:

  1. Open Your iPhone Settings
Open Your iPhone Settings

First, unlock your iPhone and find the settings in the main menu. Tap on the settings icon.

  1. Open Camera Settings
Open Camera Settings

In the main settings menu, you need to find the camera settings. You can find it either by scrolling down or searching the camera in the search bar at the top of the screen.

  1. Turn Off The Volume Up Button For Burst
Turn Off The Volume Up Button For Burst

It would be best if you located the volume button for the burst option in the camera setting. Turn off the “use volume up for burst” option by tapping the button in front of it. 

It will stop taking burst shots from the accidental pressing of the volume-up button while taking pictures.

  1. Open Camera And Turn Off The Timer In-Camera Features
Open Camera And Turn Off The Timer In-Camera Features

Now open your camera, find the timer option, and turn it off because it will also decrease the chances of burst shots in other camera features. 

There is no other way to adopt these options because Apple doesn’t introduce any feature to directly turn off the burst mode in iPhone models.

  1. Turn On The Flash 

You can also turn on the flash which will disable the burst shot modes of your iPhone camera. Because burst mode takes multiple pictures simultaneously, flash cannot blink that fast.


How Do I Turn Off Burst Mode On iPhone Camera?

You can turn off the burst mode on the iPhone camera only by enabling the camera to flash, allowing you to capture a single photo instantaneously. 
Other ways are to turn off the volume up button for burst shots in settings and turn off the timers in-camera features.

How Do I Delete Burst Photos On My iPhone?

In the latest iOS, you can delete burst photos through the selection method. You have the option to keep the selected photos from the burst shot or to delete all. 
It would help to open the burst shot from your iPhone album and tap on the select option. Select the required photos and then tap on delete the skipped ones.

In How Many Ways You Can take Burst Photos On Your iPhone?

You can capture burst photos in various ways per the latest iOS update. You can take burst shots by following methods:
1. Tap and hold on the photo capturing button on the camera for as long as you want
2. Turn on the volume up button for burst mode and press the button while the camera is open to take burst shots
3. Tap and slide the capturing button to the side of the screen, and it will show the count of burst shots you are taking

Can I turn off the Timer Mode on iPhone Camera?

Yes, you can turn off the timer mode on your iPhone camera. You must open the camera app on your iPhone and select the timer logo at the bottom. 
It will show multiple options regarding time duration, but you need to select the off option, and the timer will be off.

What Is the Highest Video Quality You can Shoot On iPhone 13 Pro Max?

You can shoot the highest video quality on iPhone at 4K and 60 fps, but this option is not activated until you do it yourself. 
The reason is that this high-quality video takes up tons of space due to its ultra-frame settings. And iPhone doesn’t recommend this unless it is required for specific shooting.
You can activate this option by following the steps below:
1. Unlock your iPhone
2. Open your iPhone settings
3. Open Camera settings by searching or locating manually
4. Select the record video option
5. Choose the maximum quality video which is available on iPhone 13 pro max


Burst mode on iPhone is causing people to miss out on important moments. Having burst mode on iPhone activated is useful, but it comes at the cost of not capturing that perfect shot!

The only problem is that so many photos are taken that you can be left with hundreds on your camera roll without deleting them all. 

Let’s learn about how to turn off burst mode on your iPhone’s camera above in this article. If you find this guide useful, please leave us feedback.

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