How To Turn Off Cross-Play on Xbox?

Cross-Play has been an excellent feature available on Xbox and all other platforms. The option to play the same game with your friends across different platforms. You can play along with your friends on PC or PS4 while you stay connected through an Xbox. But not always do you want to cross-play. There might be different instances where you might want to stick with just Xbox gamers to play your favorite games. In that case, you might get confused about how to turn Cross-Play off on Xbox. You will only be able to play games when you turn off the Cross-play. In this article, let us explain how you can turn off the feature.

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Turn Off cross-play on Xbox

cross-play is a feature on different platforms that lets you play with gamers from other platforms, whether it is Xbox, PlayStation, or even PC. But there is also a setting that enables you to avoid gamers from cross platforms and only play with Xbox gamers. 

You can easily toggle the cross-play option from the Privacy menu in your account. You can access the privacy settings from your Xbox or your PC. Let’s head how you can toggle the Cross-Play from your console and your PC.

Turn Off cross-play from the Xbox Console.

Here are the steps to be followed for Console:

  1. Open your Xbox and Tap the Xbox button from your controller to open the guide menu.
  2. Tap on the Settings Icon and Open General.
  3. Tap on Online Safety and Family.
  4. Select Privacy and Online Safety and Go to Xbox Live Privacy.
  5. Click on View details and customize.
  6. Select Communication and Multiplayer and Under “You can play with people outside Xbox Network’ select Block to turn off the feature.
  7. Now, restart your game and Check if the Cross-play has been turned off.

Turn Off cross-play from your PC

Here is how you can turn off cross-play from your PC:

  1. Open your browser and Go to the Xbox Login Page.
  2. Tap on Privacy Settings.
Here is how you can turn off cross-play from your PC
  1. Under Privacy settings, Go to the “Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, And Windows devices Online Safety” tab. 
Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, And Windows devices Online Safety
  1. You will see an option for You can play with people outside of Xbox Live, Select the block option and Click Submit on the bottom of the page.
Select the block option and Click Submit on the bottom of the page.
  1. Now, your Cross-play has been turned off on your console.


Can you cross-play between Xbox and PS4?

Yes, you can Cross-play between Xbox and PS4. Depending on the different games, you can cross-play between Xbox and PS4. Some games allow you to cross-play across more than three platforms, meaning you can play with your friends gaming on three different platforms. Some games enable partial cross-play only within two platforms: Xbox and PS4, PS4 and PC, and so on.

How do you add Xbox friends on PS5?

You can’t add Xbox friends on PS5. No matter how much cross-playing the platform supports, you won’t be able to add friends, message, or invite your friend across the platform. When you open a cross-playing game, you can add friends from your in-game profile across the platform. Your gaming profile only will include your PlayStation friends. But with your in-game profile, you can add friends from different platforms the game supports.

Can I cross-play all games on Xbox?

No, you cannot cross-play all games on Xbox. You can only cross-play compatible games with your friends across the platform. Some games you can Cross-play on Xbox are:
– Apex Legends
– Back 4 Blood
– Call of Duty
– Chivalry 2
– Dauntless
– Destiny 2
– Evil Dead: The Game
– Fortnite
– Minecraft
– Need for Speed: Heat
There are many more games that you can cross-play on Xbox. Some games are entirely cross-play compatible, whereas some allow only partial cross-play.

What was the first cross-platform game?

Final Fantasy XI was the first cross-play compatible game that allowed Xbox 360, PS2, and PC users to play together. The first cross-play game was released in 2002, and since then, many games have allowed cross-playing across multiple platforms. Fortnite is one of the most popular cross-play compatible games that allows cross-playing on Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. The game has over 80 million active users across all platforms. Call of Duty: Warzone is another popular cross-playing game with over 100 million players across multiple platforms, including PC. Xbox Series X|S and PS4& PS5.

Can I turn Off Cross-Play on PS5?

Yes, just like how you can turn off Cross-play on Xbox, you can also turn it off on PS5. In Xbox, you can turn off cross-play for all games at once, but on PS5, you have to turn off the cross-play individually within the games. You cannot enable the disable cross-play for PS5, but you can change it through the game that only applies to the specific game. For example, if you want to turn off cross-play on PS5, you must open each game and disable it.

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