How To Turn Off RTT on Android?

Real-Time Text is an inbuilt feature that most users find interfering with voice calls. The feature may be turned on accidentally when you are on a call causing unnecessary inconveniences. Moreover, when using the RTT feature, you may be charged more, meaning when it is enabled accidentally, it can consume much of your airtime without noticing. Here is how to disable the RTT feature on Android.

Steps to Turn Off RTT on Android? 

Some of you may be wondering what RTT is and its importance. As we have mentioned, the RTT feature is inbuilt in Android phones to allow communications through text while on a phone call. As soon as you type some text on RTT, it is transmitted instantly such that the recipient can read as you type. 

This feature comes in handy for users with hearing or speech problems by facilitating communication between the involved parties. During emergencies, the feature is also helpful for sending a message. 

The RTT feature does not require any other technology when used, and the cost of using it is billed as voice calls. You may find that the feature is unavailable for some other phones, and TTY replaces it. To disable RTT or TTY, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your device and navigate to the Phone application.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen.
Open your device and navigate to the Phone application.
  1. Select the Settings options.
Select the Settings options.
  1. Scroll downwards and hit the Accessibility option.
Scroll downwards and hit the Accessibility option.
  1. Ensure the Real-Time Text option is set to off. 
Ensure the Real-Time Text option is set to off. 

Once you have done the above steps, the RTT feature will be turned off, and you won’t be distracted during voice calls. It is important to note that manufacturers are not allowed to disable RTT entirely in a country like the United States. The only option for such users is to hide it to some extent.

For the users in the US who always find RTT enabled, the only option they have is using a third-party application for making voice calls. For instance, one can install an ACR Phone dialer from the Play store, preventing RTT from appearing during calls. 


Why is RTT Showing up on My Phone?

The caller may have enabled RTT on his end, which may also cause you to go to RTT. Also, you can turn on the feature without realizing it when you are on a phone call causing disruptions. The feature may be enabled automatically for some phones if you are within the United States.

What is the Importance of RTT on My Phone?

RTT is an important feature for people with speech impairment and hearing problems. While the feature is enabled, you and the other party can share a split screen, making communication faster and easier. Recently, the US made it mandatory for manufacturers to include the feature in all versions of phones to support the disabled.

What is the Difference Between RTT and TTY?

RTT and TTY are protocols that perform the same function, although RTT is modern. Old phone versions used to have TTY, but nowadays, it was replaced with RTT to counteract the drawbacks of TTY. Moreover, RTT has proved more reliable and experiences less distortion during calls than TTY.

Is Someone Watching Me While RTT is Enabled During a Call?

No. When RTT is enabled during a call, the other party will only watch as you type. Any text you type is transmitted instantly, and you can also see as he types some text if he has enabled RTT.

Will I Be Charged if RTT is Enabled by Mistake During a Call?

Yes. RTT always increases the cost used on voice calls. If you have minutes, the feature will consume some of those minutes for using the feature. Thus, if it is not necessary to use the feature, it is advisable to be careful not to enable it to avoid more voice call charges.


RTT is an essential feature when you have speech impairment or hearing problems. But if you are in a call and you get distracted because the feature has been enabled, don’t be stressed because you can disable it quickly. If you have tried all ways without success, this post will provide absolute answers!

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