How To Turn Off Seen Messages On Instagram?

Instagram has taken over the world and is the most popular. Everyone is trying to be an influencer on Instagram and wants to have lots of followers. At times, you cannot answer all of your followers or the Instagram users that contact you via direct message (DM) on Instagram. Do you often forget to reply on Instagram after seeing a message? Are you finding a way to turn off the seen messages on Instagram?

Relax, and take a deep breath. We will tell you How to turn off seen messages on Instagram in this article. You may also look for solutions to see unsent messages on Instagram. Hang in there till the end, and you will get to know everything you want. 

How To Turn Off Seen Messages On Instagram?

When someone messages you on Instagram, they want you to see their message and reply to them immediately. Instagram allows its users to use read receipts so that people know when they have read their message. 

This feature could sometimes be annoying because you often forget to reply to someone’s message after seeing it. However, the other person thinks you are ignoring him by not replying to his message after reading. 

Now the question is, can you turn off seen messages on Instagram? To answer this question, we can say No, you cannot turn off seen messages on Instagram. But do not lose hope as we have some alternative, simple, and easy solutions for your issue. 

You cannot turn off the read receipts on Instagram, but you can read the messages from the notification bar. Also, you can turn off the message notifications from Instagram to avoid accidentally tapping on a message. 

Let’s dig deeper into the steps so you can understand them more easily.

Method 1: To Turn Off Seen Messages and Message Request On Instagram

Step 1- Open Instagram

To start anything, first, you need to log in to your Instagram account with the pink and white camera icon on it. Add your username and password if you are not already logged in. If you do not have an Instagram account, go to the google play store or Apple app store and download Instagram. Create your Instagram account and get started right away. 

intagram icon

Step 2- Tap On Your Profile.

When you have opened the Instagram app, tap on the icon of your profile that contains your profile picture. This icon is located at the extreme right side of the bottom of your screen. Tap on this icon and go to your profile. 

instagram feed

Step 3- Tap the Horizontal Lines.

When you have entered your Instagram profile, you can see the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your phone screen. Tap on these lines and open the menu. You need to scroll down until you reach the settings section. Open the settings section by tapping on “Settings.” 

instagram profile

Step 4- Settings

In settings, you can see the entire menu of Instagram setting mode. You can change your privacy settings, notification settings, tune settings, and much more. Our primary purpose is to turn off your notifications of Instagram messages so that you do not have to accidentally tap on any message if you do not want it. Now scroll down to the option of “Notification.”

instagram setting

Step 5- Notification Settings

Now that you have chosen the notification settings tap on it and enter the notification section. You can see the list of multiple options such as push notifications, posts, stories and comments notifications, and much more. Find out the phrase that says “Direct Messages and Calls.” Tap on the option of Direct Messages and Calls. 

instagram notification setting

Step 6- Turn off Messages and Message Request

If you are not interested in getting direct messages or message requests on Instagram or do not want to reply to any of them, then this section will help you. You can turn off the message notifications and message requests from this section. 

Turn off Messages and Message Request

Method 2: Read Instagram Messages after Turning off The Wi-Fi

We have another method for you that you can use to read your Instagram messages without letting the other person know. You can read your direct messages on Instagram after turning off your WiFi and setting your device to airplane mode. In this way, the other person cannot get to know that you have read or seen his message.

Step 1- Turn off Your Wi-Fi Connection.

When you get the notification of a direct message from Instagram, and you are curious to read it without letting the other person know, then follow this method. Start your step by turning off your WiFi connection on your device.

Turn off Your Wi-Fi Connection

Step 2- Turn on the Airplane Mode.

Now that you have turned off your WiFi, you must turn on your airplane mode. This will make it safer to use Instagram without being shown online. No one can see you online when you use your Instagram account after turning on the airplane mode and switching off the WiFi. 

Turn on the Airplane Mode

Step 3- Open the Direct Message

Now you can go to your Instagram account and read the messages you want. As long as your WiFi is off and your airplane mode is on,  the person who sent you the message cannot see if you have read the messages or not. 


Can you turn off the read receipts or see messages on Instagram?

There is no way to turn off the read receipts or see messages on Instagram. You can choose other alternative options to read your Instagram messages. 

Will you get the notifications from Instagram if you disable them?

If you have disabled the notifications from the Instagram settings, you will not get notified if any personal messages you comment on your post or like your post. 

Summing Up

People, who use Instagram daily, want to know How to turn off seen messages on Instagram? To answer their question, we can say that Instagram users cannot disable the seen messages or read receipts. You can use other alternative ways to read the messages without letting the other person know.

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