How to turn off YouTube Music?

You can turn off YouTube Music by simply going to the settings and then turning on stream via Wi-Fi. This way, the music will stop playing when you turn off the Wi-Fi.

It is a streaming service where you can listen to a variety of songs. It has a tailored interface oriented for music streaming, allowing users to search for their favorite songs and music videos. It is an upgradation to Google Music.

 Previously, Google Music offered a similar service, but it is almost non-existent now and has been taken up by the YT Music platform.

When listening to songs on YT Music, you often face that you can pause a song but cannot turn it off completely. Follow the guide to solve your query.

Simple Steps to follow to Turn Off Youtube Music

  1. Go to your YT Music app.
How to turn off YouTube Music
  1. Click on it, and you will see this interface. Select “Settings
How to turn off YouTube Music
  1. Now Click on the Profile Button at the top right corner. 
Now Click on the Profile Button at the top right corner
  1. It will move you to this page. Go to the Stream via Wi-Fi only. 
It will move you to this page
  1. Turn on the slide to Stream via Wi-Fi only. 
How to turn off YouTube Music

This way, you can turn off the YT Music by turning off the Wi-Fi and then removing it from playing in the background.

FAQs on Turning Off YT Music

How to turn off music videos from YouTube Music?

Open the YouTube Music App and go to Settings. From there, select a profile photo and switch to Do not play music videos. Remember this option is only available if you have a YouTube Music Premium membership.

How can I turn YouTube Music to MIDI?

You can’t turn YouTube Music directly into a MIDI file. However, there is a way to convert it indirectly. You can convert YouTube to MP3 OR MP4 OR WAV, etc., before converting it into a MIDI file.

How can I make Ringtones from YouTube Music? 

You can make a ringtone from YouTube music by following the mentioned steps. 
The first step is to convert a YouTube song or video into MP3. 
Click the Share button from the sound or video you want to set as a ringtone. 
From the list of sharing, click on Copy Link. 
Now look for any website that converts YouTube music into MP3.
Convert the sound and download it to your android phone. 
You can easily select this sound from storage and set it to ringtone.
Save your ringtone and enjoy listening to it. 

How do I slow down the YouTube Music Volume?

If you are using YouTube Music on your android phone, it is easy to slow down the volume. All you need to do is lowering it down from the volume button. 
If you are using it on a desktop, you first need to locate the speaker icon by hovering the mouse over it. After that, hover the mouse on a slider and scroll up and down to adjust the volume accordingly. 

Turn Off Whenever You Want 

Listening to songs is all fun and play until you fail to figure out how to turn it off on YT Music . In this case, follow the steps mentioned in this guide. Also, if you want to make ringtones out of YouTube videos, follow the steps to it as well. 

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