How To Turn On 5g On iPhone 11?

You love the iOS, but you feel deprived because you can’t turn on 5g on iPhone 11. Now you want to know how to turn on 5G on iPhone 11.

The 5G is the future coming, so it’s time to get ahead of the curve. If you constantly feel like you’re missing out, it’s time for something new. You deserve to experience the convenience and speed of a 5g network connection. 

This article will teach you how to turn on the ultimate 5G technology on your iPhone. So let’s dig inside the article to find out what you are looking for. You can also check how to put the sim card in another iPhone before moving to the LTE network process efficiently.

What is A 5G network, And How To Turn On the 5G On iPhone 11?

5G stands for fifth-generation wireless telecommunications, and it is touted as offering speeds up to 50 times faster than 4G LTE speeds. If you want your iPhone 11 to be future-ready, switching to 5G can be one of your most important decisions.

Whether you’re browsing social media or streaming your favorite TV show, the faster speeds provided by a 5g network are sure to make your life a breeze. 

Steps To Turn On 5G On iPhone

Consumers face difficulty switching between 4G to 5G, which is tricky. So here the quickest method to turn on 5G on your iPhone 11 in the steps:

  1. Open iPhone Settings
Open iPhone Settings

First, you need to unlock your iPhone. Slide the left to find the settings logo and tap on it.

  1. Open Mobile Data Settings
Open Mobile Data Settings

In the top three options, open the mobile data setting. Now, multiple options will appear, select the mobile data options. Tap on it.

  1. Open Voice And Data Options
Open Voice And Data Options

Now, select the voice and data where a mobile network is showing in front as LTE, which indicates the 4G network technology.

  1. Check Current Available Network
Check Current Available Network

If There Are No Options For 5g Only LTE, Then Follow The Steps Given Below To Enable The 5g Option On Your iPhone 11.

  1. Switch Your Sim From 4G To 5G
Switch Your Sim From 4G To 5G

The LTE option shows that your sim card is old and does not support 5G. Now you need to upgrade your 4G sim to 5G and then insert the sim into your iPhone.

  1. Check Again The Mobile Data Options
Check Again The Mobile Data Options

Tap on mobile data options to check the upgraded network. 

  1. Open Voice Data Option
Open Voice Data Option

Now tap on voice data.

  1. Switch Your Network To 5G
Switch Your Network To 5G

Here, you will notice the 5G network suddenly shows up. Now you can switch from 4G to 5G network on manual or auto as per requirements. 

You might not see the 5G sign beside your network signal in the top right corner of your screen. That is because the 5G network coverage in that area is not available yet. 

So it would be best if you move to the area where 5G services are available, and then it will automatically switch to a 5G network, and you can enjoy the lightning internet speed on your iPhone 11.


Is There Any Support For a 5G Network On iPhone 12 In 2022?

According to the Apple support forum, the iPhone 12, 12 SE, and iPhone 13 variants have 5G support for various cellular networks. So if you are wondering about the 5G network on iPhone, yes, this phone has 5G network support.
If the 5G network is not showing on your iPhone 12, then make sure you follow these steps to enable the 5G network:

1. Find the area where 5G services are available on your cellular network
2. Upgrade your sim to 5G if there is an LTE-supported sim on your iPhone
3. Open your iPhone settings
4. Open mobile data settings
5. Open network options
6. Check the network if it is on 5G or LTE
7. If it is on LTE, then switch it to a 5G network

How Can You Activate 5G On iPhone?

You can activate the 5G network on your iPhone by following these steps:
1. Make sure you have a working 5G sim card in your iPhone
2. Also, ensure that the area in which you are living has 5G coverage on your cellular network
3. Open your iPhone settings
4. Select Cellular
5. Tap on the voice & data option
6. Now choose the 5G network preferences to either on auto or complete 5G mode

How Can You Enable 5G On iPhone 11?

You need to go to your iPhone settings > cellular data > cellular data option to confirm whether there is any 5G option available. 
If no 5G option is available, you need to contact your cellular network operators to activate 5G network settings on your sim card. After that, you need to restart your mobile, and the 5G network will enable you on your iPhone.

How Do You Know That Your iPhone Supports 5G?

You need to follow these simple steps to verify if your iPhone has 5G support or not:
1. Go to your mobile settings
2. Open cellular network
3. Open voice and data options
4. Now see if there is a 5G option available or just LTE
5. If your iPhone has a 5G sim and it’s not showing the 5G option, then it may not support 5G 
6. If there is an option of 5G, then your iPhone has the support of a 5G network on your cellular data network

How Do I Know If There Is A 5G Network In Your Area?

To know the presence of a 5G network in your area, follow the quickest and easiest steps given below:
1, Insert a 5G sim on your phone which has 5G support
2. See if there is any sign of showing 5G besides the network signals on the top right corner of your mobile screen
3. If not, then open settings and cellular voice and data options
4. If there is a 5G option not selected, then select and see if the 5G appears or not
5. If yes, then ok if not, then there is no 5G coverage in your area

Does iPhone 13 Support 5G?

Yes, iPhone 13 supports 5G, and as per apple forum news, all apple smartphones after iPhone 11 have 5G support.


The new iPhone model comes with 5G support built in, but it won’t turn on unless you’re on a carrier with its advanced network running. Check whether your carrier works with 5G and sign up for a new plan today!

All the required queries about how to turn on 5G on iPhone 11 are mentioned above in this article. If you think you love our articles, then give us your feedback. 

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