How To Turn On Wireless Charging iPhone?

The wireless Charging iPhone is a fantastic innovation but cannot be obvious to turn on. How frustrating that you haven’t figured it out after only a few days/weeks of use.

I know from my experience that this is downright tricky. This guide will show you how to turn on Wireless Charging iPhone using the settings menu and verify the battery charge status.

While traveling, sometimes you forget to charge your phone, and now you don’t have and cable to charge in your car too. 

By chance, your office meeting gets started while you are on the way, and that would be more embarrassing when your iPhone is turned off during the session. You have a wireless phone charger pad in your car, but you don’t know charge your iPhone.

Don’t worry! This article will solve your problem to keep you away from these embarrassing situations. So let’s get inside the article to learn the tips and tricks to enable it.

What Is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is the recently discovered feature for smartphones that allows you to charge the batteries without connecting any cable. 

It transfers the power required by the phone for charging with the help of a power outlet by placing the phone on the device. Usually, for iPhone devices, the wireless charging standards are already described by WPC (wireless power consortium).

How To Turn On Wireless Charging On IPhone?

According to WPC, iPhone devices only support Qi-certified wireless chargers. Qi, which is pronounced as “Chee” is usually branded on the certified chargers and shows the logo when you put your device on the charging surface.

Now the problem you might be facing is that your iPhone is not working when you put your device on the wireless charger. Many reasons keep your device away from wireless charging.

Keep scrolling down to read some tips and tricks below so you can immediately charge your iPhone.

Steps To Turn On Iphone’S Wireless Charging

You need to follow all the steps below to enable such charging

Open iPhone Settings

You need to open the settings on your iPhone. Unlock your iPhone, locate the settings in the main menu, and tap on it.

  • Open General Settings
Open General Settings

In the main settings menu, you must find the general settings option, which you do by manually searching or searching on the search bar mentioned at the top of the screen. Tap on the general option.

  • Check For iOS Update
How To Turn On Wireless Charging iPhone

In general settings, you will have multiple options, but you must select the software update option, which is usually at the top of the list. Open it and check for updates if any iOS update is available.

  • Restart Your iPhone
Restart Your iPhone

It would be best if you powered off your iPhone by pressing and holding the power button. A slide button will show you need to slide to the right to turn off your iPhone. 

Now press the power button again and restart your iPhone. If there is any glitch, that will be removed by this method.

  • Take Off Your iPhone Case

After applying the above tricks and if charging is still not working, you need to remove your iPhone case. That case could be the barrier to establishing a connection.

  • Must Be QI-Enabled Wireless Charger Pads 

Also, make sure that the wireless charger you are using is Qi-certified. As per Apple’s instructions, only Qi-certified wireless chargers work best for iPhones.

FAQs On Iphone Charging

Does iPhone 13 Charge Wirelessly?

Yes, iPhone 13 fully supports wireless charging. The special feature of the iPhone 13 model is the unique inductive coil that enables your phone to support wireless charging.
Many well-known companies provide the best quality wireless chargers, including Apple MagSafe, Anker PowerWave, Belkin BoostUp, Samsung Wireless Charger Pad, and many more. 

How To Check Wireless Charging Working on iPhone?

You must follow the steps below to check whether your iPhone wireless charging is working or not:
1. Simple link up your wireless charger with a power source
2. Now place the wireless charger on the flat surface or the surface recommended by the manufacturer
3. Now put your iPhone on the top surface of the charger by removing the phone case
4. Position the mobile in the center of the charger pads
5. You will see the charging of your iPhone will start working normally 

Which iPhone Models Support Wireless Charging?

Apple iPhone models that support wireless charging are later than iPhone 7. From iPhone 8 until now to iPhone 13, all models, including both, support wireless charging features.

How Do I know That My iPhone Is Capable Of Doing Wireless Charging?

The best way to know whether your iPhone is capable of wireless charging is by checking whether the physical home button is present. 
It is because after iPhone X and so on, the physical home button was removed, and they all support wireless charging.
But the only two models with a physical button iPhone 8 plus and simple iPhone 8, support wireless charging. Other than the models mentioned above, if you have any, there won’t be a feature you can avail yourself of associated with wireless charging.

Why My iPhone Not Supporting Wireless Charging?

There might be several reasons why your iPhone does not support wireless charging. You need to update your iOS software and then restart your iPhone, which will start to work smoothly.

Can I turn On Battery Sharing Option On My iPhone?

According to Apple, until the iPhone 13 model, there was no such feature supporting battery sharing. So, you cannot share your iPhone battery with another iPhone.

Can I Charge Another iPhone From My iPhone?

No, you cannot charge another iPhone from your iPhone because there is still no update about the reverse charging feature on Apple devices. But this feature is available on various android brands, including Google Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy S21 series.


If your iPhone has been updated to iOS 11.2 and you’d like to start using it for wireless charging. The technology is simple, but the terminology can be confusing and unclear. If you like the content, please share your feedback in the comment section.

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