Whatsapp is a popular social networking app that allows users to send text messages, perform video and audio calls, and share videos and files. However, many people are ignorant of its terms and services, which, when breached, can cause your account to be banned. This article explains how you can unban your banned WhatsApp number.

Stepwise Guide To UNBAN BANNED WhatsApp Number.

1: At first, uninstall your WhatsApp app.

2: Download WhatsApp from Google Playstore.

3: Open your WhatsApp and enter the mobile number you want to reactivate.

4: A pop that reads, “Your number is banned from using WhatsApp” will appear on your screen. Select the support option.

5: State the exact and honest reason, admit your mistake and apologize for it.

6: Once you ask for an apology, click on the option “This does not resolve my problem.

7: You’ll be directed to your mail app to fill in every information about your account; after that, hit the send icon.

8: As well as the service team finds your reason to be just and acceptable within 48hrs of appeal, your number will be reactivated.


How can I keep using my banned number on WhatsApp?

If you’re facing a permanent ban, there’s no way to reactivate your banned number. However, if it’s a temporary ban, then all you need to do is to follow the step-by-step guide discussed above.

What could cause my WhatsApp number to be banned?

Sending inappropriate content, using MOD versions of WhatsApp such as Whatsapp GB, and sending bulk messages can cause your Whatsapp account to be banned.
However, Whatsapp only bans your number if they believe you’ve violated their terms and conditions. If you feel your account was wrongly banned, send them an email or click the request a review in the app.

Is there a way to reactivate my number if it’s permanently banned?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to reactivate your WhatsApp number if it’s put on a permanent ban. What you can do at this point is to get a new number to go on WhatsApp again.

What can I do to avoid facing a ban if I’m using MOD versions of WhatsApp?

MOD versions possess some extra features which the official WhatsApp app lacks. However, it puts the user at risk of being banned. To avoid risk, uninstall the MOD version and download the official WhatsApp app.

Does Whatsapp give a warning before banning Whatsapp numbers?

The answer to this is No. Whatsapp doesn’t give a forewarning before banning people’s contact. It’s only after the ban is made that you’ll receive a notification “Your Phone Number is banned From being used on WhatsApp.”

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