How to Unbanned Whatsapp Account?

Did your WhatsApp Account got banned? Are you looking for ways to unbanned your Whatsapp account? Sometimes installing unsupported Whatsapp apps can result in a ban. Follow this step-by-step guide to unban your Whatsapp Account. 

Whatsapp is a social messaging application by which you can send and receive messages. More than one billion people around the world use it. Nowadays WhatsApp has become the lifeline for all of us. Sometimes Whatsapp bans our account for some reason. It will be a sad and stressful moment when you can’t message on Whatsapp. In this case, you will receive a message as “ your xxxxxxx number is banned from using Whatsapp”. Sometimes the ban can be due to some misunderstandings. Whatsapp has its terms and conditions and violations of the same result in a ban of your Whatsapp account.

In this article, you can find a step-by-step guide to unbanning your Whatsapp account. A temporary ban on Whatsapp accounts is easy to remove. But you can not remove a permanent ban.

How To Unbanned Whatsapp Account.

Step 1: Search “Contact Whatsapp”

Search “Contact Whatsapp”

Open the web browser and search for “Contact Whatsapp” and select the first result.

Step 2: Click on “Contact Us”

Click on “Contact Us”

After selecting and opening the first result click on “contact us” under the Whatsapp Messanger Support.

Step 3: Fill out the form

Fill out the form

After clicking on contact us, a screen with blank spaces will appear. You have to add your details here.

Select the country code India (+91), enter your banned number, and enter your email address after that confirm the email address. Then select how you use Whatsapp. After that enter the message. In that message, the column adds the details regarding the ban of your Whatapp account. Write a message like “Hello Whatsapp team, My Whatsapp account has got banned. I am sorry for violating the terms and conditions of Whatsapp by mistake. Please do unban my Whatsapp account immediately. Thank you.

Step 4: Click on the next step

choose your device and  Click on the next step

After filling out the form tap on the “Next step” tab at the end. Then click on the “Send Question” tab.

After filling out the form tap on the “Next step” tab at the end on send question

Now, you have to wait for the Whatsapp team to lift your ban. It can take time from 24 hours to 10 days. You will get a mail regarding the application on your registered mail id. 

You can follow the same steps on your computer also to Unbanned your WhatsApp account.


Whether my Permanently banned number be recovered?

No, the WhatsApp accounts that are banned permanently cannot be recovered. Only a temporary ban can be removed from your Whatsapp account.

How long will it take to unban my banned Whatsapp Number?

In the case of a temporary ban, it can take 24 hours to 10 days for Whatsapp to remove the ban from your number.  Before you contact Whatsapp you have to make sure that there is nothing that can change your temporary ban into a permanent ban. 
If it is a permanent ban then there is no way to uplift the ban. It will be a forever ban on your account.

Why did my Whatsapp number got banned?

There are different reasons why your Whatsapp account can get banned. Sometimes ban can be due to the violation of terms and conditions on Whatsapp. Or can also be due to doing some of the actions listed below.

-Sending a bulk message at a time. Whatsapp thinks that it is spam.
-Receiving many messages from numbers that are not on the contact list.
-Using unauthorized Whatsapp applications.
-Sending unauthorized or fake news or links to other numbers.
-Sending fake images or videos, and also sending messages that threaten others.

These are some of the reasons why your account can get banned from Whatsapp. There are a set of terms and conditions that we have to follow while we use the Whatsapp account. 

Can I keep using my banned number on Whatsapp?

No, you can’t use Whatsapp when the number is banned on Whatsapp. If it is a permanent ban you can never use the same number. If it is a temporary one you can use the number after removing the ban by following the above step-by-step guide. Only after lifting the ban can you use your number on Whatsapp.

What is the difference between a permanent ban and a temporary ban on Whatsapp?

Both are two different kinds of bans found on Whatsapp. Permanent ban and temporary ban. If it is a temporary ban then it will be easy to recover the Whatsapp account. But if the ban is permanent on Whatsapp then it is not at all possible to uplift the ban. The continuous temporary ban can lead to a permanent ban from Whatsapp.


Whatsapp bans account for many reasons. Now you can easily unban by following the above step-by-step processes. By now you would be able to unban your Whatsapp account quickly and easily. Spamming can be one of the reasons for getting a ban on your Whatsapp account. But if the ban is a permanent ban there is no way to uplift the ban. Whatsapp removes temporary bans automatically, it can take a few days. If the ban on your Whatsapp number is temporary you can surely unban your number. The only thing is that you have to be patient and wait for the response. 

In case of a permanent ban, the best option is to change the number. Always try to follow all the terms and conditions of Whatsapp. Otherwise, it can automatically lead to a permanent ban on your Whatsapp account. In most cases, you can get a response within 24 hours, and they activate your account again. After 2-3 bans they won’t respond to your emails. If such a situation occurs then it will lead to a permanent ban of your number, and you won’t be able to use the number again on Whatsapp. Always try not to get a ban on your Whatsapp account. 

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