How To Undo a Deleted Comment on Instagram?

Instagram has gained popularity since it was launched. Many people like using the platform even if its users are not growing rapidly. This has been attributed to the many fantastic features the platform offers users. However, an Instagram feature that enables users to undo deleted comments has not yet been introduced. Also, if you delete DMs, there is no undo feature to enable access to your messages. Continue reading this post to discover a simple trick that will enable you to undo a deleted comment on Instagram.

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Steps To Undo a Deleted Comment on Instagram

You can undo a deleted comment on Instagram within a specific time once you delete a comment.

  1. Log into your Instagram account.
  2. If you accidentally delete a comment you made, quickly press the Undo button.
If you accidentally delete a comment you made

You must note that this method only works if you click the undo button while it is displayed on the screen. Therefore, you have limited time to recover the comment; otherwise, after five seconds, once the pop-up disappears, you will permanently lose the comment. 

Contact Instagram Support

If you don’t manage to press the undo option, the message has been permanently deleted unless you contact customer support. There is no guarantee that the support team will attend to your request immediately, but it is worth giving it a try if you don’t want to lose the comment permanently.

Contact Instagram Support

Instagram offers various options like phone numbers, email, Reddit, and the help center. Just select the most convenient way and submit your complaint, and hope to get a response from the team.


Can I Undo a Deleted Comment on Instagram?

Yes, but if you click the undo button immediately, you delete a comment. If you delete a comment by mistake and wait for a long time, you will not be able to undo your action. Instagram shows a notification immediately after you delete a comment, and the notification disappears after five seconds. You can undo the action if you click on the notification within five seconds after deleting it. Otherwise, there is nothing more you can do to undo deleting a comment on Instagram.

What Can I Do to Edit a Comment on Instagram After Posting?

Unfortunately, once your comment has been published, there is no way you can edit it. You can only edit it before publishing; once you post it, it is final unless you delete it. If your main issue is to edit it, you can delete the comment and write a new one.

 Can I Delete Comments on Instagram?

Yes. Instagram allows its users to delete the comments they make in any post. Moreover, if someone leaves some irritating comments on your post, you can also delete that comment. However, if you want to delete a comment on someone else’s post, you cannot o that. Instagram restricts its users only to delete comments written by themselves or on their posts.

Why are Other Instagram Comments Hidden?

It is common to find Instagram hiding some other comments made on Instagram. For instance, if some messages have been reported in the past as abusive, once they are encountered, they are hidden from others. The fact that they are hidden is to try and stop bullying when using their platform. However, if you still want to see the hidden comments, you can do by navigating to the hidden messages on your post.

What Happens When I Delete a Comment on Instagram?

Understandably, you may need to delete a comment if you notice it is missing something. When you delete a comment, the entire thread may get deleted, too, especially if it was the first message in that thread. If you don’t want the entire thread to disappear, it is good to consider not deleting the first comment.


Instagram is a great platform that enables users to engage in meaningful conversations with friends. Although the app is introducing many features that make it suitable other features like undoing a deleted comment are not yet available. If you delete a comment by mistake, you only have five seconds to undo it; otherwise, the action will be permanent. Moreover, you can contact the support team to 

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