How To Unlock Found Lost iPhone?

People can be careless – We find many things being dropped by people everywhere. Even iPhones are not an exception. If you have found a phone with no way to get it back to its owner, you may want to decide to unlock it. Here are the ways you can gain access to a lost iPhone. In this article, we will talk about How To Unlock Found Lost iPhone.

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Methods to unlock found lost phone

Following are the three methods to Unlock Found Lost iPhone.

Method 1: Entering the Passcode

Entering the Passcode

The most straightforward way to unlock a lost phone is by using the owner’s passcode. While there is little chance that you would know a stranger’s passcode, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of entering the right one. After that, simply input the passcode on the iPhone to unlock it.

That was the first method to Unlock Found Lost iPhone, we have two more to go.

Method 2: Factory Reset/ Hard Reset

If entering the passcode doesn’t work, then your option would be to do a factory reset. Note, however, that doing so will completely delete the data inside the device, such as contacts and photos.  To do this, follow these steps depending on the phone model:

Factory Reset/ Hard Reset
  • iPhone 6s and older – Press and hold both the Side and Top buttons.
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus – Press and  simultaneously hold the Volume down and side buttons.
  • iPhone 8 and newer – Press and simultaneously hold the Volume UpVolume Down, and side buttons.

Method 3: Using A Third-Party App

Various apps in the market let you gain access to a lost iPhone. It is essential, however, to review what apps you want to use. Make sure they are secure and that your privacy is protected. 

FAQs On Locked iPhone

Will I be able to find my lost iPhone?

It is easy to locate your phone if you have left your “Find my iPhone” on. 

Can I protect my phone from being accessed when lost?

Yes, you can tag a phone as Lost so that no one else will be able to access its contents.

How can I identify the owner of a locked iPhone?

You can ask Siri for the owner’s details or ask it to call the last person a message was sent to to help connect with them.

What is iPhone Lost Mode?

This feature lets you lock the phone and prevent others from opening it. You can set this up under “Find My iPhone.” in the iTunes menu.

How to turn off iPhone Lost Mode?

To turn off a phone’s lost mode, simply login to the iTunes store, go to “Find my iPhone,” and turn it off. 

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