How To Unlock iPhone Without Face Id Or Passcode?

You get your Mum’s used iPhone and want to unlock it for your use. Or did you just buy a second-hand iPhone but forget the passcode? Then you can’t unlock it with the new Apple ID. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Unlock iPhone Without Face Id Or Passcode.

Your iPhone is locked, and you feel frustrated because you forgot your passcode and can’t remember the face id. You have no one to call because everyone has a different passcode or is offline, so now what?

Unlocking your iPhone with a faceID or passcode is a massive headache. Do you want to open your i phone but don’t want to pay for a professional service? Then you came to the right place.

In this article, you will learn about the official and legit method of “how to unlock an iPhone without Face ID or passcode.”

So let’s jump into the article to make your face full of smiles by helping you with the unique solution.

What Is iPhone Face ID Or Passcode?

iPhone Face ID is a unique feature included in their model from iPhone X and so on. This feature captures your face details and expressions due to its special algorithm and allows you to unlock it by putting the mobile front camera in front of your face.

Another notable feature that requires attention for Face ID means no one can unlock your iPhone while you are sleeping. A passcode is another more secure option that no one can crack unless someone knows. 

Sometimes you forget your passcode, and your iPhone camera does not recognize your Face ID due to some software update issue. That is a kind of helpless situation for you or anyone.

But don’t worry! We have provided a step-by-step guide below where you will follow each step to unlock your iPhone. There are two different methods through which you can access your locked iPhone.

So, let’s jump into the procedure and get your iPhone back to everyday life.

Steps to unlock iPhone Without Face ID Or Passcode.

Please follow the guidelines below with screenshots to get access to your locked iPhone:


  • Turn Off Your iPhone.
Turn Of Your iPhone

This message shows on the screen when you consistently try to unlock your iPhone after a few attempts. iPhone is disabled means you need to wait for it and try again, but that is useless because you have already forgotten your password.

Now, you need to press the power button and hold it until the power off option shows. Slide the switch to turn off your iPhone.

  • Connect Your iPhone With PC Or Mac And Open iTunes.
How To Unlock iPhone Without Face Id Or Passcode

If you have a PC or Mac, ensure iTunes software is installed. Connect your iPhone with your PC, and iTunes will show the serial number of your iPhone model.

  • Put your iPhone On Recovery Mode.
How To Unlock iPhone Without Face Id Or Passcode

After connecting your iPhone with the data cable to your PC, hold the volume up button and power button simultaneously. 

On your iPhone, this screen will show, which means your iPhone is now in recovery mode. The picture shows you connect your iPhone to the MAC or a PC.

  • Click on Restore And Update Option.
Click on Restore And Update Option

Now click on the update button on your PC iTunes software, and a window will appear on the screen. You must select the “restore and update” option by clicking on it.

  • Click On Agree To Download Your iPhone firmware.
How To Unlock iPhone Without Face Id Or Passcode

You will be asked to agree to some terms and conditions. Ensure to read the important notes before agreeing. After reading, click on the consent button, and it will start updating your iPhone after downloading the firmware. 

After some time, it will automatically restore your iPhone, and you will get access by entering your registered email.


  • Download AnyUnlock Software And Click On Unlock Screen.
Download AnyUnlock Software And Click On Unlock Screen

This method involves a third-party app called “AnyUnlock,” which helps you to unlock your iPhone. Download this on your PC and open the software after installation. Click on the option “unlock screen passcode.”

  • Connect Your iPhone And Turn On Recovery Mode.
Connect Your iPhone And Turn On Recovery Mode

Now connect your iPhone with your PC, and the dots turn green. That means your iPhone is connected to the app. Click on unlock screen passcode.

  • Follow The Steps On Screen To Put Your iPhone On Recovery Mode.
How To Unlock iPhone Without Face Id Or Passcode

Now a screen will show asking you to put your iPhone on recovery mode. Now follow the recovery mode procedure given on the software screen or mentioned above in method 1.

  • Click On Download Button And Wait Until Firmware is Downloaded.
How To Unlock iPhone Without Face Id Or Passcode

After putting your iPhone on recovery mode, it will detect the model and iOS version. Then you need to click on the download button to proceed to further process. It will download your iPhone firmware automatically.

  • Click On Unlock Now And Wait Until Your iPhone Restores.
Click On Unlock Now And Wait Until Your iPhone Restores

After the download, a new window will open, showing the “unlock now” option. Click on it, and it will start restoring your iPhone, and you will get access back. 

Please read the notes before clicking on unlocking to ensure you agree on the following consequences.

FAQs On Unlocking My iPhone

How Do I Unlock My iPhone Via Siri?

Please follow the steps below to learn the way to unlock your iPhone with Siri:
1. Press and hold the home screen button to activate Siri
2. Now speak to turn on the voiceover
3. Make sure you have turned on the custom gesture to unlock your iPhone before
4. Now talk on the lock screen that unlocks my phone
5. Unlock my phone is the command that you saved, and it will work to unlock your iPhone

How Do I Unlock And Reset My iPhone By Find My iPhone?

You can unlock and reset your iPhone if you lost it by following the steps below:
1. Open the find my phone app on an iPhone
2. Log in to your email
3. Select the required device
4. Now unlock and choose the reset device option

How Can I Unlock My iPhone Through iTunes?

Follow the simple steps to unlock your iPhone with the help of iTunes:
1. Open iTunes on your PC or MAC and connect your iPhone
2. Turn your iPhone onto a recovery mode by pressing and holding power and volume buttons at the same time
3. After the device is linked with your iTunes, now click on the update and restore my device option
4. Click to proceed to download your iPhone firmware, and it will automatically restore after some time


It is possible to unlock an iPhone without a passcode or Face ID. The method of doing so is relatively simple and doesn’t require the assistance of some technical person.

If you are looking at tackling this alone without any proper guidance, then your chances of success are pretty high. You need to follow the guide about how to unlock iPhone without a Face ID or Passcode above in this article.

If you like the content, then kindly enlighten us with your positive feedback so we can work harder for you.

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