How to Unread a Message on Instagram?

Instagram users tend to have different questions in their minds, and one of the common questions is “how to unread a message on Instagram?” The important thing for users to remember is that you can unread a message on Instagram, but there is one issue. Only the business account holders can make their messages unread on Instagram. So, if you don’t have a corporate/business account on Instagram, you cannot make unread a message. It means you won’t get an in-app solution if you don’t own a business account on Instagram. 

Non Business Account Holders Can Unread Message On Instagram

You don’t need to be worried even if you don’t have a business account on Instagram, as we are writing this guide to help you in this regard. You don’t have to wait for the future update of Instagram to get this option and unread a message conveniently. There are a few tricks/techniques available which can help you unread your messages on Instagram. So this article will cover all the information in this context, so read the steps discussed further. 

How Can You Unread Messages from Business Accounts?

Before moving into the discussion to unread a message on Instagram from an account that is not a business account, it is important to look at the process followed for a business account. If someone has messaged you on your business account like it could be your customer/client or someone from the family who is aware of your business account. You can receive a message from your ex if he/she is also aware of your business account. 

In such scenarios, it is vital to remember that you can easily unread a message from your business account. When you open the DM section of your Instagram Business Account, you see three sections in this part; Primary, General, and Requests. 

How to Unread a Message on Instagram

Here in this picture, you can see that there are 3 sections, Primary, General, and Requests. The messages from your contacts go into the primary section, and you will also get a notification. The other messages will go to the general tab, and you won’t receive a notification for the messages placed in the General section.

How To Unread Message From Unknown Accounts?

The messages from unknown accounts may get into the Request section. Follow these steps:

  1. On the top right corner of the Messages sections of the Instagram App, there is an icon, and you need to click this icon to get an option of selecting a message, and putting it into unread mode. See the picture below:
How to Unread a Message on Instagram
  1. The red arrow is showing the icon to be selected, and once you click this icon, the following window will look like the below:
instagram select people
  1. The red arrow points towards the section where you can click to select the messages, you want to mark as unread. So, choose one of the messages. 
  2. In the next prompt, you will see different options, which you can do with the selected DM. See the picture below:
In the next prompt you will see different options
  1. By selecting the desired option you can flag, mute, or Mark as unread a message on Instagram . 

Steps For Other Than Business Account Holders To Unread Messages On Instagram

It is mentioned earlier that a Business Instagram account does have the option to unread a message, but this option is not available in the App for private accounts. However, being a private user, you would love this option, so here we have a trick for you to do this. There is a new option for Instagram users, which is called the “Restrict Mode” So, when you put the account on Restrict Mode, it means the user of that particular account won’t be able to interact with you. It also means that you are putting limitations on a user to see what you are doing on your account. 

  1. The first step is selecting a Restrict option is to find the contact in the search bar. So, go to the search bar, and search the name. 
How to Unread a Message on Instagram
  1. After that, once you find the contact, click on that contact, and its profile will open in the next prompt. There is an icon with three dots; you need to click this icon. 
After that once you will find the contact click on that contact

After clicking these dots icons, you will see the following options regarding the account:

How to Unread a Message on Instagram
  1. Third, you can see different options, and you can find the option of “Restrict” and select it. Here you go; now you have restricted the account, so even if you read the message of that particular user, he/she won’t know that you have read his/her messages. In short, they won’t know what you are doing on your Instagram account. 

FAQs To Unread Messages on Instagram

Can I Unread a Message on Instagram?

Yes, you can unread a message on Instagram, but for this option, you will have to switch the account to Business Account. 

Is the Option to Unread a Message on Instagram available for Private Accounts?

No, this option is not available for private accounts. Instagram is only providing this option for Business accounts. They may give it for private accounts in the future, but to date, they don’t have such an option. 

What can a user do if the Unread a Message option is unavailable?

A private user can select the user account and choose the Restrict option for that particular user. The Restricted users cannot see your account’s activity, even if you read their messages. 

Is Instagram Planning to provide this Facility for Private Users?

We cannot say anything in this regard. They may provide this opportunity to private users to unread a message. 

Can an Instagram User Switch between Private and Business Account?

One can switch from private to business and business to a private account. 

Option To Unread A Message For Business Account Holders only

Now, you know about the “Unread a Message on Instagram” This option is available just for the business account, and private accounts can only restrict the other users. The option to Unread a message on Instagram is not yet available for private users. Check out our other article on How to See who shared your Instagram Post?

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