How To Unread A Message On iPhone?

Have you accidentally read a message on your iPhone that you never intended to read? Do you want to know how to unread a message on your iPhone so that you can save yourself in the future? If yes, then read this article. We will tell you How to Unread a message on your iPhone. Now you can unread all the messages you do not want to read or read later in the future. You can also query how to see old notifications on your iPhone.

How To Unread A Message Conversation On iPhone?

What to do if you want to mark a conversation unread on a text message? Unfortunately, there is still no way to unread a message once you read it. It might be possible that you soon get to see the unread option on your text message. Also, you can try some great alternatives that won’t require marking a message as an unread. These alternatives include:

  1. reading a message from notification center
  2. reading a message via chat display

In this manner, the other person won’t be updated about you have read the message.

How To Unread A Messenger Message On An iPhone?

Messenger messages and emails are efficient and quick ways to communicate. Sometimes, you read a message and realize that you do not want to or cannot respond to that message quickly. Such messages are often forgotten and get buried in the sea of other incoming new messages. 

To save you from trouble, we will tell you how to mark these messages as Unread, so you do not forget to read them later. Let’s start with your messages first.

Step 1- Wake Up your iPhone.

Double-tap on the screen of your iPhone, shake it or lift it to wake it up. 

ihpone lock screen

Step 2- Unlock your iPhone.

Now that your iPhone has been awake, you can unlock it by providing the password. You cannot mark and read any message from your lock screen on the iPhone. 

ihpone enter password to unlock

Step 3- Open Inbox

Go to the app for messenger messages. Swipe to leave any message you want to mark as unread to read later. The option of “Mark as Unread” will pop up on your screen as you swipe left on any specific message. Tap on “Mark as Unread.” 

How To Unread A Message On iPhone?

This is the most straightforward, quickest, and easiest way to mark your iMessages as unread so that you can remember to read them later when you are ready. The message you have marked as unread will not drown in the sea of other incoming messages because it will Highlight itself as an unread message. 


How can you delete the unread text messages on your iPhone device?

If you want to delete the Unread messages on your iPhone, open the messaging app. Swipe left of the selected message that you want to delete and tap on the “Delete” option. Your messages will be deleted without reading. 

Can you flag messages on WhatsApp on an iPhone?

Unfortunately, iPhone users currently do not have the feature of flag messages on WhatsApp. You can delete messages you do not want to see or read on WhatsApp. 

Can you read a message on your iPhone without it being seen?

This is a different and challenging task, but you can do it by some means. There are a few ways to read a message without marking it as a seen message. You can use the incognito mode back in your browser to unsave your browsing history and cookies. Turn off your read receipts on WhatsApp so that no one can see if you have read their messages or not. 

Finishing Up

If you were busy with some work and cannot respond to any incoming message on your iPhone, but you have accidentally opened one, then the first thing in your mind will be to mark this message as Unread. This way, you can read that message after finishing your work and respond to it in your free time. You want to see how you can mark your iMessages Unread to read them later. If the message is opened once, it will get disappeared from the notification bar. You will most probably forget to see it later. If you mark the message as Unread, you will remember to read it because it will remain in your notification bar. We hope that with this article’s help, you can now mark your iMessages Unread.

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