How To Unregister a Phone Number on TikTok?

You may view, save, and share the content author’s videos with your family, friends, and coworkers via the TikTok app, but you must have an active subscription. TikTok, like any other web-based social media site, requires you to establish an account by providing your email address and name. In addition, every user must attach their phone number to their account for authentication. While the site maintains all of your essential information private and secure, some users want to unregister their phone numbers on Tik Tok.

This post will show you how to erase your mobile number from TikTok if you’re a newbie to the app. Based on the pace of TikTok’s customer service team, the unregistering procedure may take between one day to seven or more. You may use identical tactics to update or modify your cell number on TikTok. You can always change your phone number on Tik Tok if you forget the old one.

Step by Step guide on How To Unregister a Phone Number on TikTok.

  1. Launch the TikTok application
tiktok logo
  1. Tap on your profile icon on your screen’s extreme lower right section.
How To Unregister a Phone Number on TikTok?
  1. Click the three dots/lines symbol on your profile page.
tiktok menu
  1. Tap on settings and privacy, then click the Manage My Account button.
tiktok setting privacy
go to mange account
  1. Under account information, click on the Phone number.
select phone number
  1. Enter your number, and click on send code to get a verification code for the number you have put.
add phone number
  1. Enter and confirm a four-digit code that you’ll receive. Type in the new number, tap Send OTP and affirm the unique number. Your account will no longer be there on TikTok.
verify phone number

Well, following these steps you will have a proper guideline to unregister a phone number on TikTok.


Why is Tiktok requesting my cell number?

The Tiktok app needs your mobile number to verify you since the app transmits a code to your phone. You’ll not need to input your mobile number again once you’ve confirmed and signed into the program. The number of phony accounts is slashed in half, and only those with authentic IDs can access the TikTok app. It’s beneficial to you, your audience, and your content.

Why is it necessary to link your phone number?

You could get a prompt asking for your contact information while joining. TikTok associates your mobile number with your account so that each subscriber only establishes one account. It only admits genuine individuals with a single account on the site.

It is used to verify the legitimacy of your account. Consider how many accounts individuals would make if the website didn’t have the authentication feature.

Some anxious people open accounts to obtain fans. It wastes server space and makes the program less dependable. It’s appropriate for a major social network to gather user information. That assures each user can only create a single account.

Can you use a fictitious mobile number on TikTok?

Whether you may use an incorrect phone number on TikTok has sparked controversy. One party believes that you should be able to establish a temporary account with an alias or manufactured number to avoid bullying and harsh remarks. The other group claims that it would result in identity fraud and exploitation by predatory persons.

Why does TikTok claim that my phone number is in use?

TikTok is online social software that enables you to post and view videos instantly. The app will immediately ask for your mobile number when it gets online. If you do not provide your cell number, TikTok will tell you that it’s a registered number when you sign in afterward. The most straightforward answer is to head back and enter your mobile number.

How does TikTok validate?

Any authority or organization does not validate TikTok but uses a team of administrators to authenticate profiles. The system needs all subscribers to be at least 13 years old. It has also included some safeguards to “protect children” users. These safeguards include the automatic deletion of content featuring minors, the inability to mention juveniles in videos and posts, and personal messaging capabilities for youngsters under 18.


Unregistering your mobile number on Tiktok is a straightforward process, and It’s vital to remember that if a cell number isn’t registered, it won’t be available in the software. Furthermore, a user cannot read all your content posts when the number is deactivated.

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